Years of experience and success have given us unique insights into our clients’ evolving needs. As we continuously strive to anticipate, meet and exceed those needs, innovation is inevitable–it is a must.

Fair Marketing has developed a lineup of proprietary software not only for the benefit of our clients’ marketing strategies, but also for the advancement of other agencies and business owners who want to take advantage of our groundbreaking technology. The following proprietary tools are available for licensing to enhance your digital marketing efforts.

We innovate. You succeed.

Marketing ROI Playing Coy? Get the Whole Truth with Marketing Polygraph™.

Are you 100% clear on whether or not your marketing budget is working for you? Or do you feel like you’re just writing check after check, never getting a clear picture of what actually helps your business succeed? Don’t let your marketing budget conceal vital data, and stop wasting money. Marketing Polygraph™ analyzes your existing digital marketing strategy to determine whether your current efforts are truly working for you. Then, it tells you exactly where you should be focusing your energy in the future to achieve your revenue goals.

Marketing Polygraph™ shows you whether you need to strengthen your web copy to increase conversions, or expand your reach to gain more web traffic. It helps you optimize your marketing dollars so you’re neither spending too much nor too little. In short, it’s all about delivering results. Try Marketing Polygraph™ today, and gain the power to turn every online ad dollar into a high-performance investment.

Get Your Personalized Content Marketing Blueprint with Rank Hacker™

Meet Rank Hacker™, a division of the Content Intelligence Agency. This powerful tool takes seconds to gather Top Secret data on your most important competitors, allowing you to learn exactly what they’re doing to achieve top SEO results. You’ll learn how much content they release and what type of content they use. Rank Hacker™ then uses this information to present you with a personalized blueprint designed to help you beat them at their own game. Forget guesswork —you’ll know exactly how to stay on par with (or better yet, a step ahead of!) the competition.

Start your next spy mission with Rank Hacker™!

Meet the Keyword Net-Worth™ Proprietary Research System

Keyword Net-Worth™ is keyword research at its most effective: a predictive analytics engine that tells us exactly how to become a contender for the “top spot” in any keyword category. How many blogs should you post per month? Exactly how many backlinks do you need to generate to become competitive? Keyword Net-Worth™ eliminates the guesswork, delivering actionable intelligence we can use to launch a data-driven marketing strategy that’s proven to work.

And how many competitors do we analyze? Some marketing firms are content to look at three competitors, or 10. At Fair Marketing, we analyze your top 100 competitors, because we want your business to become absolutely unstoppable.

FAIRmetrix™ delivers incredible performance and total control. That’s Fair Marketing innovation in action. Isn’t it time for your business to reap the rewards of smarter marketing?

Ready to launch a marketing strategy that’s so good, it’s just not fair?

There’s no better time than right now to get started.

The FAIRmetrix™ Reporting Dashboard: Transparency and Accountability at Your Fingertips

Measuring the ROI of your marketing strategy just got easier than ever. As a Fair Marketing client you get access to a personalized dashboard that delivers up-to-the minute performance updates.

Here’s what you’ll see at a glance:

  • Search engine rankings
  • Website visitors
  • Social media engagement
  • PPC conversion vs. spend
  • Backlink growth
  • Lead conversions
  • Lead tracking


upREPUTATION’s latest product, “Erasebook™” for Facebook advertisers, frees you from having to play whack-a-mole with negative user-generated comments on Facebook ads. Protect your ad dollars! Erasebook is a proprietary script that automatically deletes comments in as little as 10 seconds. They’re your ads—you shouldn’t have to worry about them harming your reputation.

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