Relationship building and true social engagement

Establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence is imperative for your organization’s online visibility. With upSOCIAL™ we offer a holistic approach to social marketing that delivers a one-stop solution for all your social media needs. Our proprietary social media formula attracts followers, engages prospective and existing customers, and converts a social community into solid leads. We invest the time and resources necessary to grow your audience and help you stay connected.

How upSOCIAL™ Increases Your Customer Pool


  • Word of Mouth

    Attract friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends. Each new connection presents the opportunity to grow your audience as your brand is shared around across the social platform.

  • Precision Targeting

    Reach your ideal audience with highly targeted social media ads. Capture prospects according to location, age, gender, interests, behavior and more.

  • Forge Relationships

    Connect with prospective and existing customers and manage your reputation by responding to questions and concerns quickly.


  • Share Yourself

    Entertain your audience with company stories and photos. Draw interest and engagement with contests and promotions, and spread the word about events.

  • Testimonials

    Social media is the ideal platform for spontaneous customer feedback, and positive reviews make excellent testimonials for your website.

  • Inform and Educate

    Achieve expert status in your field by sharing industry news, addressing misconceptions, and offering your company’s perspective on business trends.


  • Increase Conversions

    Every member of your social media audience has already shown an interest in your brand. Shares, likes and favorites—along with strategically placed ads—increase traffic to your website.

  • Consumer Insights

    Learn about your audience’s demographics, interests and activities. Understand exactly who your customers are and cater to their preferences.

  • Measureable Results

    Conduct A/B split testing to determine which ads and sponsored posts work best, and gather detailed analytics that quantify web traffic and conversions.

Social media networking is based on the concept of community. Our upSOCIAL™ strategies effectively build and grow this community, while our upSOCIAL™ staff expertly nurtures relationships that ultimately lead to increased conversions for your organization.

Why upSOCIAL™?

Strategically-timed posting, ongoing monitoring of your social network, and regular in-depth reporting make upSOCIAL™ the comprehensive solution for your organization’s social media needs.

Social Presence

Establishing a solid social network increases your company’s online exposure and brand equity. Unfortunately, securing the necessary time and resources for this task poses a challenge for many businesses.

upSOCIAL™ handles this time-consuming effort for you! Whether you’re starting your social media community from scratch or have an established presence that needs a boost, upSOCIAL™ is committed to increasing your reach and growing your network.

Social Management

A successful social media presence entails regular posting, consistently engaging content, frequent interactions with your audience, swift responses, and ongoing monitoring.

upSOCIAL™ is fully engaged on your behalf. Of course, you’re always in the driver’s seat and able to approve all interactions. We also keep you abreast of any negative chatter we may observe so you can react quickly and manage the reputation of your brand.

Social Measurements

Keep an eye on social media leads, conversions and ROI with in-depth reporting and intelligent metrics. Track and quantify your results and determine which ad campaigns perform best with A/B testing.

upSOCIAL™ presents you with detailed performance reports in an easy-to-digest format on a regular basis. Plus, your customized client dashboard provides you with key metrics around the clock, keeping you informed at all times.

upSOCIAL™ Expert

upSOCIAL™ is your expert source for turnkey social media solutions. From profile setup through management and reporting, our social media experts are available to provide end-to-end social media services for your convenience. Sit back and watch your community grow!

Did you know?

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. (State of Inbound Marketing)
46% of Internet users look toward social media for purchase decisions. (Marketing Tech Blog)