Customized to interact with business prospects at every stage of the sales funnel, FairLeads delivers a fully automated sales cycle that allows you to identify and communicate with potential customers one-on-one like never before.

Our innovative approach to marketing automation is part of a proprietary formula designed to achieve maximum ROI through continuous lead generation and nurturing, precision re-targeting, and detailed campaign analytics.

Capture. Nurture. Convert. How FairLeads Increases Your Revenue


  • VisitorID Triple your leads by identifying anonymous traffic
  • Dynamic FormsCapture more leads with forms designed to convert
  • Social Media IntegrationConnect with prospects who find you through social media
  • CRM IntegrationLeads are immediately plugged into your sales team’s system


  • Lead Scoring Prioritize your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads
  • Email AutomationSend emails with triggers and build personal relationships with leads
  • Behavior TrackingUnderstand your leads to create one-on-one communication
  • Sales NotificationsEmail or text sent to sales team when a lead indicates readiness to buy


  • Sales Analytics Enable your sales team with key insights about each lead
  • Exportable Graphs And ReportsInspect, assess and share your campaign’s performance
  • A/B TestingTest emails head-to-head to see exactly what works the best
  • Campaign OptimizationIdentify opportunities and eliminate waste
FairLeads allows you to forge rich relationships with your target audience by placing your product or service in front of potential customers at strategic intervals. Bring prospects back to your business and convert leads into buying customers.

Why FairLeads?

The FairLeads Automated package is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that contains everything you need to turn unidentified website visitors into solid leads, and known leads into sales.

Lead Generation

Learn important details about your potential customers such as the company name, possible employee names, and the pages that captured their attention during their visit to your site. FairLeads even researches relevant social media profiles, blogs and news articles pertaining to your prospects. This detailed knowledge facilitates custom-tailored re-marketing and lead nurturing efforts.

Lead Nurturing

FairLeads automatically segments your prospects by user type, buyer intent and interest level. Customized email drip campaigns target each potential customer individually, at regular intervals. Combined with social media and banner ad re-marketing campaigns, we keep your brand front and center. Every time a prospect returns to your website means a new selling opportunity for you.

Lead Monitoring

Companies that visit your website are automatically entered into your CRM system.You’ll learn which referral sources and search terms led prospects to your website, and you’ll be able to monitor time spent on the page, entry and exit pages, and bounce rates. View your campaign status at a glance and adjust automated actions as needed.

Perks and People

Our FairLeads Automated package includes initial setup as well as ongoing management services for your convenience.

Access your user dashboard anytime to check on your campaign, or place a call to your designated Fair Strategist to address questions or concerns. The bottom line is, you’re never on your own.

  • Sit back and relax.We handle the entire CRM setup with seamless FairLeads integration for you.
  • Ask away.A Fair Strategist will be dedicated to your account, answering any questions you may have and providing regular campaign performance evaluations.
  • Get the full picture.We believe in transparent reporting and keep you updated with daily campaign summaries.
  • Tune in around the clock.Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your user dashboard.
  • Flash that crown.As a FairLeads client, you are king–entitled to prompt, knowledgeable customer service at all times.


Marketing automation drives a 451% increase in qualified leads for business.
Only 3% of B2B companies are currently using marketing automation.
*Source: Salesforce **Source: Mintigo