Server Side Design, Inc. named No. 1 on PromotionWorld


Houston, TX (Aug. 25, 2008) – Fair Marketing, Inc. named No. 1 on PromotionWorld’s list as one of Best SEO Companies

Fair Marketing has reached the pinnacle as the best search engine optimization company in the nation as it was named No. 1 overall on PromotionWorld’s Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company list for the month of August. 

“It is amazing that we started out as a small SEO company in Houston and have made our way to the top of PromotionWorld’s list,” said Roger Janik, Fair Marketing president. “We have strived to be the best and you do that by providing customers with high quality service that almost no one can match. Our professional staff has put in the hours it takes to provide that service and the record shows it.”

Fair Marketing has made its way toward the top by signing on prestigious clients and providing professional services to them that promote their business, give them a higher ranking on search engine sites and keeps track of Web site visits.

One of the clients Fair Marketing has signed on is, one of the most popular online defensive driving courses in Texas. Fair Marketing handled’s online advertising. Within two months of hiring Fair Marketing, saw their best online sales produced since 2006. Acquiring a client such as, as well as being ranked No. 1 as one of the best SEO companies by PromotionWorld, is proof that Fair Marketing is becoming a true leader in search engine marketing, pay per click advertising and management, and online advertising.

Fair Marketing, Inc. is a Website Design & Website Promotion Company based in Houston, TX. It specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and custom website design. Company specialists build, host, manage and promote Web sites and Web applications.

PromotionWorld’s Top 10 SEO Company award initiative aims to list the best companies in the industry. Giving users the opportunity to learn more about company leaders and the services they provide, PromotionWorld is considered the premier news and information source for the search engine marketing industry. Its Top 10 SEO Company Awards are based on the offered services, package diversity, value, customer service, feedback and website popularity of the selected companies.

Along with the award, Fair Marketing was given a high-resolution image to use for promotions. The image can be linked to their Web page to show potential customers the company is an industry leader.

More information about Fair Marketing is available by calling 1-888-736-2384 ext. 704 or logging on to

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