Fair Marketing is Empowering Clients with More User-Friendly FAIRMetrix™ “Reboot”

by Matt Hollis

Since the beginning, Fair Marketing, Inc. has believed that transparency is a valuable asset when forming relationships with clients. Showing clients how much return they are receiving from their investment is imperative for success on both ends. Realizing the importance of demonstrating ROI to clients, the team at Fair Marketing has reworked the web-based application, FAIRMetrix™, to make it more user-friendly for clients that want to monitor the metrics involved with their campaign. Previously, clients could log on to the FAIRMetrix™ system to view their organic rankings, paid listings, visitor traffic, link-backs, social media posts, blog posts, and inbound leads. Clients can still do this and a whole lot more with Fairmarketing’s FAIRMetrix™ “reboot.”

More Digestible Data

For starters, we have made the data more digestible for clients. With the previous system, clients could view campaign data in the form of graphs, charts, and numbers. However, those not familiar with how search engine optimization (SEO) works, or were hindered by time constraints, would find the data confusing and meaningless. With the new “reboot,” clients can now digest the data in an easy-to-read format on a revamped dashboard and better analyze the performance of their campaigns. This reduces the time a FAIR Strategist would have to spend with a client to explain the data and it builds trust with clients.

View Data on a Daily Basis

One of the new features of the rebooted FAIRMetrix™ system allows clients to view their results data on a daily basis as opposed to weekly. By simply logging in everyday, clients can see how their website is ranking day-to-day plus other important information such as web traffic, Google Adwords data, backlink profiles, and social media metrics. Eliminating the wait time for viewing data can prove to be a useful tool for clients that have limited time.

Track Rankings Locally

Another facet to the rebooted FAIRMetrix™ system is the ability for clients to geographically track their rankings at a local level. Under the original system, clients could only view results on a national level. With our new way, they can see localized results down to the city level, which is usually more relative to their interest. For example, a client with a business in Houston normally would not be interested in results from Chicago. With the revamped system, they can see results that are more pertinent to the radius of their business.

View Maps Rankings

Clients that access the refurbished FAIRMetrix™ system can now see Google map rankings in addition to local rankings. This was not available under the former system. Since many are now using web-enabled mobile phones and other similar devices to conduct searches, this is a tremendous help to clients that wish to see daily searches for their website through map listings.

Backlinks Tab More Visible

Another feature that will enhance the FAIRMetrix™ experience for clients is the addition of a backlinks tab at the top of the page. Clients can click the tab and see the different types of metrics for their campaign as well as their backlink profile. This feature was available in the previous version of FAIRMetrix™ but now it is more visible.

Overall, the driving force behind the FAIRMetrix™ revision is to demonstrate to clients the value of their SEO and/or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign and give them the opportunity to see the performance metrics with much more insight. Knowledge is power, so empowering clients with these tools falls in line with our code of transparency, heightens the level of trust clients have in our ability to deliver quality rankings for their website and raises the level of awareness about our client’s business in the public arena.

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