Using Email Lists to create Custom Audience lists on Facebook

Using Email Lists to create Custom Audience lists on Facebook

There’s an old adage that says “content is king”. That is still true in a way; however, the conundrum that businesses face today is determining how to find leads that convert to sales. Content is one part of this triangle, but there is another part of the triangle to think about — Facebook.

In the second quarter of 2016, there were 1.71 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Imagine if you could harness only a fraction of a percent of those users as converted leads for your business. Your business would grow exponentially.

Facebook, content, and sales are the three components of the triangle of success here. But, how do you get them all together? The answer is much more simple than you think.


When someone searches for something online, they usually won’t keep scrolling on the list that pulls up in the search. This is the main reason companies vie for the top spots on a search engine search. The closer your company is to the top of the search engine rankings, the more likely you are to get converted leads from the search. This is where content comes into the picture.

Content is one portion of the complex, proprietary algorithms search engines use to determine rank. Better content that is informative and more relevant is more likely to get a higher ranking. That means your website or blog is more likely to get visitors. Now, this is where things get fun.


On many websites and blogs, visitors are asked to enter their email address for a newsletter, to place an order, or to view specific content on the website. That email address is a magical component your company can use for marketing — but you have to be careful how you use it.

If a person signs up for a newsletter or other email correspondence, you can contact them with the marketing materials unless they revoke that consent. If consent is revoked, the emails must stop or they are considered spam. That means the end of the road for trying to get that customer back, right? Wrong!

Email lists from purchases or contact forms can pull in a crucial marketing possibility — Facebook. You just have to get the right program to help you integrate social media into your marketing campaign.


Many people check Facebook several times per day. Once you have a person’s email address, you can set up targeted ads for that person to see. This is a stealthy option that business owners can use as part of a marketing campaign, but getting those targeted ads right is critical because you want the money you spend on Facebook ads to convert to sales.

Facebook has a cool feature that lets you target users for your ads based on their email addresses. This means as long as the person who provided their email to your business used the same email for Facebook, you can target ads to them. If you do this manually, you have to take the time to set up the campaign and enter every email address into the campaign. If you are thinking that doing this manually can get tedious, you’re right.


And, here we are. Back with the business owner’s conundrum. How do you create excellent content that ranks your site higher in searches so you can show potential customers your company’s value and put email addresses that those visitors provide to good use? Enter FAIRleads. This proprietary program gathers your website’s visitor’s email addresses and ports them directly to Facebook so you can launch a targeted ad campaign.

As you work on Facebook ads, you don’t want to use only the email addresses you have already. Under the Facebook ads menu, you can choose to create a look-a-like audience.

This advertising gem tells Facebook to match other users with similar profiles that are based on demographics, interests, and behaviors with those of the people in your email lists. Once that is done, a new ad campaign can be started.

The number of email addresses you have in your list matters. Facebook requires that you have at least 100 emails in the list to create a look-a-like audience and the more emails you have, the more targeted your audience can be. A targeted audience means a more effective advertising budget.


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