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Support for AMP on cache is improving because of Google Analytics. Users have become irritated with dawdling mobile pages so developers are embracing investments into quicker web experience solutions like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). There are a variety of mobile sites that are publishing billions of AMP pages – everything from e-commerce, news and even recipes. With the amount of content published weekly by AMP, Google Analytics has advanced to help customers who have cradled AMP.

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We are happy to announce today that we will be a supporting vendor for a new service, Google’s AMP Client ID API. It will make available the same benefits for AMP pages currently shown in Google surfaces. Last May, a resolution was launched to assist customers trek across AMP and non-AMP interactions hosted on your own domain. Google’s AMP Client ID API will qualify equal benefits for AMP pages displayed by Google, i.e. Google Search.

How can this be?

The answer is enabled by permitting your web pages, possibly somewhat served on Google platforms and somewhat on your domain, to connect with each other. This connection takes place via a newly enabled Google API along with Google Analytics such that it comprehends if a user on your non-AMP pages has ever visited an AMP paged displayed by Google. If that is the case, Google Analytics can assist you in categorizing user behavior across the two-page types as a single unified experience.

In order to begin, you will need to opt-in for this advance via a code change that will be required for both non-AMP and AMP websites. This will enable the feature and acknowledge the new Google Analytics terms of usage of this API.

When to expect this?

If you click here, you will be privy to the code instructions and new terms. You will also be given the choice to opt-in.

Is there a catch?

You must be wondering what the unspoken implications of this change are. Upon opting-in, you will become aware of difference to some of your metrics. Distinct users from before will now be recognized as the same person and session and user metrics will fall to precise counts. Also, related metrics will run more accurately (i.e. Bounce Rate and Time on Site). Now, with more accurate counts, you will see a temporary rise in new users as they have viewed AMP pages in the past return to your site (the timetable for this depends on how soon users return to your app/site). For more information on changes, click here.

To fully understand how your user’s interactions are related to your AMP pages, opt-in today.

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