Fair Marketing is honored at the 2015 Houston Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence as a "Winner of Distinction"


Fair Marketing is honored at the 2015 Houston Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence as a “Winner of Distinction”

Houston, United States – Fair Marketing is a leading provider of online SEO services in Houston and beyond. It has recently become the proud recipient of the “Winner of Distinction” at the 2015 BBW Awards for Excellence.

The Better Business Bureau has recognized Fair Marketing for their achievements and commitment to quality in the workplace. They were one of 314 companies that received prestigious awards at this year’s Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence.

Continued business excellence

The event, held on May 13, 2015, is not the first time that Fair Marketing have won an award from the Better Business Bureau. In fact, this year marks the fifth occasion that the company got selected with such a coveted award.

Roger Janik is the founder and principal over at Fair Marketing. He described feeling overwhelmed by the rush of emotions he had at the time. It is now the fifth occasion that his company got awarded by the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Janik said that it was “an honor to be recognized for our efforts.”

The Winner of Distinction is an award given to businesses by the Better Business Bureau for their service excellence. They choose businesses and charity partners that offer a superior commitment to ethics, quality and overall excellence in the workplace.

About the Better Business Bureau

For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has strived to help people “make smarter decisions” for their marketplace needs. With more than 30 million businesses in the USA, it can often be hard to find the right supplier for the job.

The Better Business Bureau has almost 400,000 accredited businesses on its books. All of them must adhere to strict high quality standards. The aim of the BBB is to put consumers in touch with these trusted service providers.

They offer plenty of national and local consumer services, both online and face-to-face. The BBB also does regular checks to ensure service providers comply with their ethical code of conduct.

About Fair Marketing

The company got born out of an idea by its founder and principal, Roger Janik. Back in 2005, he wanted to set up a business based on solid principles, good work ethics, and excellent customer service. His idea turned into reality when he set up a company that we all know today as Fair Marketing.

Of course, selling services wasn’t just at the forefront of Mr. Janik’s mind when he decided to quit his day job and set up in business. He also wanted to give back to the community too. So, in each quarter of the year, Fair Marketing donates to at least one charity or outreach program.

Fair Marketing has a team of talented experts, dedicated to serving customers both in Houston and within the United States.

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