a roadmap to maximize sales and achieve great success through amazon marketing

With our full turnkey service, our Amazon experts will handle all content creation, Amazon SEO optimization, account management, and sponsored ads optimization. upAMZ™ works well for start-ups to enterprises and we understand that each company is unique, with a different set of objectives and needs so we work closely with you to achieve high level success selling on Amazon.

The upAMZ™ formula for success

I. Setup/Listing Creation

  • Full Amazon Marketplace Analysis
  • Portals Access (Seller Central, Vender Express, Amazon Marketing Services, and Amazon Media Group.
  • Create new ASINs (amazon product listings) & ensure the catalog is set up correctly for new products (parent/child variations, ASIN merges, etc.)
  • Gain access to Brand Registry on behalf of the brand
  • Set up parent SKUs and child SKU variations & structure the listings correctly
  • Competitive Analysis/Best Seller Ranking Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) assistance in set up, prep, and cost information.

II. Listing SEO/Content Creation

  • Listing optimization, including to create title tags, product bullet points, and product descriptions.

  • Hi-res product shots, lifestyle image photography.

  • Keyword research for SEO

III. Reviews

  • Run review campaigns utilizing product review networks outside of amazon to jumpstart new product launches
  • Optimize frequency & create templates to solicit legitimate verified reviews from customers, post-sale.
  • Product reviews generated in accordance with Amazon’s Terms & Conditions
  • Review FAQs, negative reviews management, common complaints and product review reports highlighting common issues.

IV. Advertising / Sponsored Products / Amazon Paid Search

  • Sponsored products campaign setup and management.
  • AcoS (Advertising cost of sales) target and budget recommendation to maximize your ROI.
  • Bi-weekly keyword optimization to adjust bids for underinvested, poor performing, and good performing keywords
  • Automatic Campaign creation for profitable keyword harvesting to convert to manual campaigns.
  • Create and run headline search, retargeting & traditional PPC marketing campaigns to drive traffic & increase sales.
  • A/B testing keywords and product-based targeting strategies

V. enhanced brand content

Optimize, design, and/or start working on EBC (enhanced brand content). Brand is responsible for actual copy and images.

Create a Brand Page, upload video content if desired (longer-term)

VI. Case Management / Problem Resolution

  • We will handle all case management, correspondence with Amazon Support, and Seller Performance Issues
  • Handle problems that arise with hacked listings, counterfeit issues, image update problems, listing suppression, etc.

VII. Trend Analysis, Product Innovation Suggestions (Longer Term)

  • Identify opportunities for private label products or new branded product ideas
  • Look for pricing gaps, feature & benefits gaps, high BSR (Best seller rank) opportunities amongst competitors


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