I. Why are Reviews so important?

  • Reviews influence purchase decisions
  • Zero reviews are almost as damaging as bad reviews
  • Improves the trustworthiness of your company
  • Improves overall ratings
  • Drive new customers
  • Boost search engine rank

get more reviews

We get it. Asking for reviews is tough. It takes a lot of effort. You’re not sure which
question to ask to get the desired result. The list goes on…

UpREVIEWS will automate review generation and solicitation saving your team
tons of manhours.

feature & benefits

  • Generate more positive reviews
  • CRM/ CMS integration
  • Time sensitive review requests
  • Automated review solicitations
  • Multiple points of entry- Text, Email, Drip Campaigns, Facebook, Websites, etc.
  • Track review conversions
  • Real-time alerts for posted reviews

manage all reviews. all at once.

The good, the bad, the ugly. We’ve all seen them. And we all dread them equally. Usually because they’re not easy to find let alone manage.

upREVIEWS will change the way your team feels about reviews.

management features

  • Review resolution with built in ticketing system
  • Respond quickly to improve customer service
  • Auto detection of slander or spam
  • Negative post parking
  • View ratings and reviews by location

customer want to know what to expect.

All eyes are on your business. As such, a business’s star rating is shown to be the #1 factor in choosing a business.

With upREVIEWS you provide customers with the best customer experiences. Afterall, review signals are the fifth most influential factor in search engine rankings for your business.

feature & benefits

  • Review auto-share
  • SEO star rating enhancement
  • SEM seller ratings
  • Social engagement with auto-promotion
  • Google-indexed microsite for all your reviews


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