The highest quality equipment. Advanced in-house engineering. State-of-the-art manufacturing. High-volume capacity. Expansive infrastructure. Extensive industry experience. Competitive pricing. And a rock-solid commitment to get the job done for our customers. This is our business.

Dragon Products, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of mission critical products serving the energy and industrial industries. U.S. and family owned and operated for more than 50 years the Dragon name is synonymous with “severe duty engineered” equipment for a broad range of applications including well servicing, bulk storage, liquid and solids hauling and a variety of pumping and mud solutions. Our inventory and product lineup includes tanks and trailers; roll off equipment; pumps and stimulation equipment; mobile workover rigs; and surface production equipment.


Five page one and four page two rankings on Google in few months

Web visits increased by 28.53%,

About 67% of increased traffic was from organic search

Organic keyword rankings increased to 49.30%

Landing page conversion increased to 28.54% at campaign start


Dragon Products


Offshore Drilling Rigs and Mud Systems




Total Backlinks = 1,511

Healthy Links = 144

Suspicious Links = 860

A large majority of Dragon’sback links were were deemed either suspicious or toxic. This means the overall quality of their existing backlink profile was poor and needed a fresh start so it would not hurt SEO performance.

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Average PR Statistics

Average Impressions: 30,456

Average Full Page Reads: 712

Average Interactions: 25

Average Online Pick Ups: 17


Traffic Growth

The initial link detox, increased backlinks, improved rankings and their social media campaign all lead to significant traffic increase the first 90 Days. Overall traffic the first 90 days would increase 282%, which is very significant for a campaign just starting out.

Ranking Statistics

Overall Position Increase (Google): 343 Positions
Overall Position Increase (Bing): 112 Positions
Largest Single Keyword Increase: 93 Positions
Total Keywords Optimized: 10


So here are the finals results for each of Dragon Products initial goals of the campaign:

  • Obtain page 1 listings for target keyword phrases – ACCOMPLISHED
  • AIncrease total search engine exposure – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Increase web traffic for both SEO – ACCOMPLISHED
  • Increase presence on social media – ACCOMPLISHED

In summary, the major areas we were able to show massive improvements on were:

  • Overall backlink health, quality & quantity
  • Growth in search engine rankings
  • Growth in overall web, organic & new traffic
  • Massive PR exposure
  • 4,617% Increase in Facebook page likes
  • Twitter, Google Plus & LinkedIn launch & growth
  • 2,080 yearly social deliverables
  • Re-design of entire Facebook page
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