The goal of upCHAT™ is to generate more web leads from existing web visitors that land on a businesses’ site. Many consumers do online shopping from work or when they are not close to a telephone. Chat is an ideal way for them to initiate contact with the business. On the average our customers report a 35+% increase in leads after adding chat to their website; however some advertisers have even reported 80% more leads after chat. Chat is easier to initiate than a telephone call and increases website engagement during the critical comparison shopping and vendor selection phase.

Getting started with upCHAT is simple. Just fill out the form below and our team will email you the quick and easy steps to install upCHAT on your website. That’s it! You will not be billed whatsoever for 2 weeks and you will have the choice to stay or leave after the trial is up and only pay $20 per qualified lead you receive.

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“Their live chat service greatly increases the conversion rate of visitors to our website into actual leads for the firm.” ~ Robert Blanchard

” Setup was incredibly simple and painless. Their support team made the process easy.” ~ Cassie Hull

“I definitely underestimated the number of people who prefer contacting us by chat rather than calling or submitting a contact form.” ~ Rich Ashton