4 Good Reasons Why You Should Use AdWords Labels For Your PLA Campaign

AdWords labels are a great Product Listing Ad (PLA) option for segmenting campaign data. Here’s why AdWords labels are helpful, and how to set them up.

1. AdWords Labels are Great for Testing

Testing is crucial for PLAs. Merchants should be constantly testing which ad groups are running and at what bids. AdWords labels are a helpful tool in clearly delineating data.

Add AdWords Labels to Your PLA Campaign

To add AdWords labels to your PLA campaign, select the campaigns or Ad Groups you want by clicking the check box next to the campaign name. Then choose an existing AdWords label, or create fairmarketing one to apply:

2. AdWords Labels Help You Track Changes

AdWords labels are a helpful tool for tracking changes made in the AdWords Login. If you’ve made changes to ad groups in the past (e.g., pausing an ad group), you can look back to see when they were made and if you should change them again.

To view data from your AdWords labels, go to the Dimensions tab, and select View > Labels:

3. AdWords Labels Allow You to Log All of Your Changes Without Using an Outside Application

I’m a big fan of Evernote, and use the program to record changes for comparison shopping engine campaigns. While Evernote is great, it’s even easier to be able to view changes in the campaign you’re working with AdWords labels.

4. You Can Date Your AdWords Labels

AdWords labels allow you to instantly know when changes happen, and you can easily alter the date range to compare before and after results.

*Be sure not to confuse AdWords labels with the AdWords_labels column in your Google Shopping data feed, which you can use to segment products for ad groups (e.g., Best Seller).

Questions about setting up or using AdWords labels? Feel free to comment below.

Original Author: Mary Weinstein, via SearchEngifairmarketingatch.com

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