Fair Marketing PPC Team Wins a Trip to Googleplex

Members of the Pay Per Click (PPC) Team at Fair Marketing have earned the privilege to go to Googleplex, the corporate headquarters of Google, Inc. located in Mountain View, California. They will visit the complex Aug. 12 through 14.

The PPC Team was awarded the prize of attending the 2 million square-foot complex after participating in a competition put on by Google Engage for Agencies. This is a program that agencies can be a part of to receive support tools as well as marketing collateral. Agencies can take these items and use them to push more sales with their clients. The PPC Team had to hit a mark of new spend from clients of $20,000 over the course of several months to win the prize of attending the search engine giant’s complex. Thousands of agencies compete for this prize and only a few hundred actually win.

Once there, the PPC Team will meet with their Google representatives to obtain new tools for optimizing Adwords campaigns and get keynotes from the folks at Google.

“This gives us a big opportunity to get a step ahead of the competition and bring our clients above others in similar industries,” said Cameron Fenno, Fair Marketing Online Advertising Specialist.

Fenno and other PPC Team members will attend several seminars for Adwords training that will provide them with priceless information.

“I am very excited to learn new opportunities in the PPC arena and to get a glimpse of what the future may hold in the industry – as well as getting to see Google’s headquarters,” Fenno said. “We’re happy to be part of Google Engage and be one of the select few winners of this experience.”

Googleplex is an amazing complex with more than 20 buildings, along with many other attractive features. This includes an onsite organic gardens supply, some of the café’s produce, a huge supply of community bikes around the complex, 9,212 photovoltaic panels supply 1.6 megawatts of electricity for campus electricity and a variety of solar panels that help to recharge our fleet of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

“I am very proud of my team earning this distinctive honor of attending the corporate headquarters of the masters of our craft – Google,” said Roger Janik, Fair Marketing president and principal. “It is always good to get $20,000 of new spend by itself, but to also earn the opportunity to get a glimpse of Google’s operations along with it is equally fantastic. Our team will learn many positive things from this experience and it will benefit our clients as well. Hats off to the PPC Team for earning this trip. They certainly deserve it!”

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