Fair Marketing Launches New, Revamped Website that Highlights Their Proprietary Marketing Suite Offerings

July 26, 2012

Fair Marketing, Inc., a Houston-based web marketing company known as the F.A.I.R. Web Marketers, is announcing that their long-awaited revamped website – www.fairmarketing.com – is now live.

Along with the launching of the new site, Fair Marketing, Inc. is now able to focus more on enterprise level accounts through their proprietary service offerings known as the F.A.I.R. Marketing System, which includes the company’s “up” marketing suite. The F.A.I.R. Marketing System literally redefines online marketing.  It is the company’s unique method for online marketing success and accountability.  The Fair Marketing, Inc. team developed the system after years of trial and error, and it uses an intelligent and scientific approach to ensure success.

The “up” marketing suite consists of a series of formulas Fair Marketing, Inc. invented to measure the online success of their client’s campaigns while, at the same time, remain accountable through transparency. Using these formulas, Fair Marketing, Inc. is able to ensure clients that their campaigns can achieve the highest level of attainment while simultaneously establishing a closer relationship with them. The suite includes upSEARCH™ for search engine optimization campaigns, upCLICK™ for pay-per-click campaigns, upSOCIAL™ for social media marketing campaigns, upLOCAL™ for targeting local business, and upVIDEO™ to promote businesses through online videos. The F.A.I.R. Marketing System coincides with a proprietary real-time analytics dashboard clients can access 24/7 that showcases campaign performance for both online and offline marketing initiatives. It allows them to see the results of their campaign at any time without hindrances.  These services are fully scalable anywhere from small businesses to large corporations.

“Online marketing can no longer be about just getting rankings or simply driving traffic, it is ultimately about driving the right traffic that helps a business grow,” said Roger Janik, Fair Marketing, Inc. president and principal. “Once you get a visitor to your site, you must engage with them to get them to take an action and do what you want them to do.  With the F.A.I.R. marketing platform, fairmarketing’s clients not only have a competitive advantage, but always know how their campaigns are performing.”

Janik expressed gratitude toward his team for revamping the website.

“We are proud to be launching our new website and I am equally proud of my development team, which spent a considerable amount of time refurbishing the site,” Janik said. “They met every demand with an upbeat attitude and created a website that is interactive, informative and innovative.”

Janik further explained that the new website is easier to navigate and takes user-friendliness to another level.

“Clients now have better access to detailed information about our services, so they can remain well versed about who we are and what we can do for them,” Janik said. “We have an open book policy and this website is representative of that ideal. Ultimately, the website represents the values and integrity that are instilled within each and every one of our employees.”

The new website includes some interactive features that enhance a visitor’s experience, provide valuable information, lend credibility, and offer personalized access on a level previously unavailable. These features include a live chat option, where visitors can chat with an actual representative at Fair Marketing, Inc. There is a live Twitter feed on the site’s main page, where clients and visitors alike can catch the latest news about the company. A Client of the Month is highlighted on the front page along with a link to their website. In addition, there is a large compilation of videos on the new site, where visitors can find out FAQs about Fair Marketing, Inc., or watch FAIR training videos and video testimonials from clients expressing their satisfaction with the company and their services.

Fair Marketing, Inc. is a web marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, local marketing, and social media marketing. For more information, log on to www.fairmarketing.com.

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