Fair Marketing, Inc. Offers ‘Free’ Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising Campaign

Fair Marketing features ZeroDownPPC program, allows advertisers access to SEO-based marketing services on a no-risk platform.

Fair Marketing  is offering a no-risk pay-per-click (PPC) ad marking service that provides the benefits of strategically focused PPC account management without a long-term contract and no up-front costs.

Designed for advertisers who have been on the fence about implementing an online campaign, fairmarketing’s exclusive thirty-day trial provides an opportunity to explore PPC advertising within the context of the new Google search results structure, implemented early last month. With no commitment or initial investment required, the program also provides the security of only paying for advertising that works.

ZeroDownPPC is intended to give advertisers confidence in their ‘partnership’ with Fair Marketing, as Director of Paid Search Ricky Westbrook explained, shifting the ad-marketing equation so that advertisers are not the only ones invested.

“[That’s] what makes ZeroDownPPC unique—the no risk element,” Fair Marketing Westbrook said. “[With] no long term contract and no money down, we have some skin in the game—all of the risk is not on the advertiser.”

ZeroDownPPC is a service package under fairmarketing’s  upCLICK™ program, which uses a custom-developed formula for increasing client’s ROI through strategy building, monitoring and management of all PPC accounts.

The upCLICK™ format gives clients the freedom to set and control their own budgets, while supplying them with ample campaign feedback through fairmarketing’s elite FAIRMetrix™ analytics application. Comprehensive campaign reports, generated weekly during the first 30 days and then monthly after that, allow for full transparency on all metrics and overall performance. Additionally, PPC managers use conversion tracking to enhance reporting measures with real-time analysis of leads and traffic sources.

All of these monitoring services translate to strategic remarketing efforts and continual optimization of targeted ad text and visuals, designed to capture the client’s target audience.  Meanwhile, dedicated account managers provide expert guidance with full email support to each client.

Westbrook stressed the firm’s dedication to maintaining the highest level of expertise in the field. In addition to the ZeroDownPPC program holding full certification as a Google Partner for Adwords, each account manager is individually Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified.

“Google has a very hard and demanding qualification process,” Westbrook said.  “[Our] account managers are tested and validated very thoroughly—getting that certification 100% proves you know your PPC.”

As of last month, Google gave its signature search results page a face-lift, reducing the visible distinction between paid ad results and organic results. As a result, the line between sponsored and organically generated Google listings is thinner than ever—both literally and figuratively. Google’s latest adaptation is expected to spurn a boosted interest in search engine advertising services.

According to Westbrook, the ZeroDownPPC provides an ideal window to explore web advertising services at a time when the game is clearly changing—and all with no initial investment.

“There’s really zero reason someone should not try [the program],” Westbrook concluded. “They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Fairmarketing Fair Marketing is a boutique web marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), content and social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and online reputation management. Since 2005, Fair Marketing has helped clients, both local and nationwide, establish and cultivate a strong online identity through their trademark F.A.I.R. Marketing approach. Fair Marketing has garnered recognition in recent years from local publications, industry ranking services, consumer review sites and the Better Business Bureau and has been consistently ranked among the top five web marketing firms in the U.S.

To learn more about the Fair Marketing Inc.-exclusive ZeroDownPPC program, visit the website here or log on to www.fairmarketing.com. To speak with a PPC account manager directly, call 1-888-736-2384.

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