Fair Marketing Offering Free Enterprise Cloud Hosting to Clients

 Fair Marketing will immediately begin offering their clients a public cloud infrastructure solution at no charge in an effort to serve them in a higher capacity.

Signing up with Peer 1, the Houston-based web marketing company has acquired their VMware Public Cloud solution called Mission Critical Cloud. This will provide a new, state-of-the-art environment that consists of two cloud-based virtual servers. These servers provide high availability, full redundancy, load balancing, a firewall, and offsite continual backup/replication for disaster recovery. This also means that all of fairmarketing’s clients will experience offsite backups on a daily basis.

“In general, this will prevent our clients from experiencing downtime with their websites,” said Roger Janik, Fair Marketing CEO. “By providing this service to our clients at no extra charge, we are, in effect, saying that we understand and value the importance of their business enough to grant them this free gift. It will leave them worry-free about any mishap that might disrupt the operation of their website.”

At every level, Mission Critical Cloud integrates redundancy and enterprise-class security. This protects the cloud resources as well as the client’s data. Every aspect of the client’s website receives protection and monitoring thanks to multiple layers of defense. Also covered under this umbrella of protection are user authentication, network protection, data center physical security, DDoS protection, and IDS and IDP monitoring of external data transmissions.

Business continuity is another aspect that clients can enjoy with Mission Critical Cloud. This includes daily incremental backups onsite, which are stored off from the origin computer. The client’s offsite data is also replicated. Best of all, there are 14 separate snapshots made of every single website, so the client’s website can be restored to any of those past 14 days. If a disaster should strike, the client’s infrastructure continues to run normally.

High performance is another facet of this new hosting service. Mission Critical Cloud is built on top of the best-in-breed technology. This results in a secure network that is extremely fast as well as redundant and resilient. Overall, this adds up to faster website performance.

More information about Mission Critical Cloud can be found by visiting this site.

Fairmarketing began in 2005 and functions as a web marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and social media marketing. More information about the company is available by logging on to www.fairmarketing.com.

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