Fair Marketing Client Reps are Now Google Analytics Certified

 For any company that packages, sells, and delivers analytics and optimization to its clients, becoming Google Analytics (GA) Certified through the Google Analytics Certified Partner program is essential. Fair Marketing has taken steps to ensure that all of their customer representatives (referred to as Fair Strategists), including members of their PPC department, have become GA certified.

This is almost unheard of for a company with customer service representatives.
Fair Marketing Fair Strategists Katie Potter, Ricky Westbrook, Matthew Burns, and Joel Herrera, along with Online Advertising Specialist Cameron Fenno, have all passed the required exam to become GA Certified.

The Google Analytics Certified Partner program provides many benefits. This includes giving a company’s clients access to a trusted and verifiable Certified badge. Certified employees can receive support for difficult technical questions, insight into the product roadmap and beta features, and invitations to exclusive events. Client referrals are also another benefit to the program.

All of the Fair Strategists and PPC Team members agreed that the benefits to being GA certified are advantageous to maintaining a positive campaign for clients.

“The main benefit to myself and Fair Marketing is that knowledge is power,” Herrera said. “We use GA on a daily basis to better assess our clients’ accounts and progress. Having all Fair Strategists members certified gives us more credibility with existing and prospective clients. It also sets us as experts in our field. Being GA certified is a must in this day and age.”

Burns said while having everyone on the team GA certified is a true advantage, the real recipients are the clients.

“It’s great for our client base,” he said. “With these certifications, we’re able to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients to show them the true value and ROI for what we’re doing to maximize their web presence.”

Potter said being GA certified gives her the ability to carefully assess her client’s campaign and pinpoint any strengths or weaknesses.

“It feels very empowering to be able to provide this level of service for my clients,” she said.

The PPC Department can put the GA certification to good use for their clients as well, according to Westbrook.

“Google Analytics is a much bigger part of PPC than most people realize,” Westbrook said. “It’s crucial to campaign management to see how your landing pages are performing. And while you are not able to do direct campaign management in Analytics, there are still plenty of useful reports that allow you to make strategic decisions about your PPC campaign.”

Westbrook sees potential growth for PPC clients now that the entire team is GA certified.

“Our team being fully Analytics certified really helps our clients, as it increases our level of expertise within the industry, and gives them a “holistic” view of their online marketing,” he said.

Potter agreed that this is a single step toward ultimate success, and that there is a lot of growth in the future for both the company as well as their clients.

“I think the whole team being certified shows our dedication to Fair Marketing and dedication to our client’s online presence and well-being,” she said. “We want to provide unparalleled service to our clients and this is one way we can accomplish that goal. Although we are all GA certified, we know that staying abreast of the continual changes in internet marketing is a constant challenge. We’ll always strive to learn more beyond our certifications.”

Each member of the Fair Marketing Team received their certificate with both their name and a link to their company’s Google Partner page.

Fairmarketing began in 2005 and functions as a web marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and social media marketing. More information about the company is available by logging on to www.fairmarketing.com.

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