Server Side Design Ranked No. 2 in Nation


Houston, TX (September 1, 2010) – Fair Marketing Ranked No. 2 in Nation on TopTenReviews

Fair Marketing has earned a No. 2 spot on TopTenReviews’s list of Internet marketing companies that provide the best services in multiple areas such as search engine optimization, pay per click, link building, and social media optimization.

top 10 reviews awardAfter carefully considering Internet marketing company’s practices and reputation, TopTenReviews recommended Fair Marketing as second best on their list because Fair Marketing was on “the positive side of the spectrum.” According to their review, TopTenReviews said Fair Marketing provided original content and adhered to a good code of ethics in terms of their SEO services.

“This is awesome news coming from a reputable Internet marketing review company like TopTenReviews,” said Roger Janik, Fair Marketing president. “We have always said from the beginning that providing good service goes beyond just getting a client high rankings. It is integrity, good business ethics, a willingness to serve and doing things the other guys are not doing to show clients that we are in this for them and not just ourselves. The tactics we employ are grounded in solid principles that are geared toward helping clients grow their business without resorting to unscrupulous methods. This recognition demonstrates that we are able to provide great services that clients can trust.”

TopTenReviews went on to say that fairmarketing’s code of SEO ethics includes practices and standards that protect their client’s company reputation and long-term relationship with the search engines.

“For example, they do not try to perform campaigns against competitor’s sites, employ bait and switch tactics, plagiarize or use duplicate content, link spam or place hidden links or generate doorways or re-direct pages,” TopTenReviews stated. “They are interested in the long-term success of a website and not quick, often harmful tactics to get fast short-term results. This online internet marketing service also does not make Google ranking promises they cannot keep.”

TopTenReviews also pointed out fairmarketing’s penchant for providing a high level of customer contact by assigning each client an account executive of their own which enables them to contact Fair Marketing at any time by email or telephone. In addition, reports are frequently given to clients, providing them with pertinent information such as traffic statistics, keyword performance, any new content that is published and the performance of their pay per click campaigns.

Other factors TopTenReviews considered before making their recommendation included fairmarketing’s comprehensiveness of services; social media marketing; help and support; timeliness; performance analytics; reputation; and customer education.

TopTenReviews provides companies with information needed to purchase the best product by comparing charts, news, articles, and videos. Their motto is “We do the research so you don’t have to™.”

More information about Fair Marketing is available by calling 1-888-736-2384 ext. 704 or logging on to

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