Server Side Design President to Appear on HTV's "Max Your Business"

Roger Janik, Fair Marketing president, will appear on Houston HTV’s “Max Your Business” television show September 5, 2011 to talk about the benefits of online marketing.

During the show, which was previously-recorded, Janik met with Rollis Fontenot III of and co-host Johanna Snyder to discuss how search engine optimization (SEO) has helped in the business world for both start-up businesses and major corporations.

“There are many benefits to online marketing,” Janik said. “Many companies have become aware of how important it is to increase their overall web presence on the Internet. By optimizing your website to earn high rankings, companies have a better shot at attracting the attention of their target audience and capturing new business. SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing can get them to the top of the listings and result in increased visibility for their company.”

Also joining the television program was Kent Bissell of He shared his expert advice on running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for a business and the benefits he has enjoyed running one for his own business. PPC uses an Internet model to direct traffic to websites and where advertisers pay hosting services when their ads are clicked on by web users.

Some of the related topics that were discussed on the program included how marketing dollars invested in newspaper ads have dwindled by as much as 14.7 percent in the last three years and how online marketing advertising dollars have increased by about 20 percent.

“This is good information for a business owner who wants to make sure they are getting the most benefit out of their marketing dollars,” Snyder said. “It is an area where businesses need to be looking at in regards to their marketing dollars. Companies spend about three percent of their gross revenue on marketing or at least that is the going trend at the moment.”

Snyder also said that while some business owners look to television to advertise, businesses are leaning more toward online marketing as a way of promoting their businesses.

“The number one way to get to a consumer is through online marketing,” Snyder said. “The second best way is through seminars and conventions. Both are the best forms of marketing right now.”

According to Snyder, Fair Marketing is doing both forms of marketing. Aside from offering online marketing to businesses, Fair Marketing is holding a seminar covering the basics of online marketing from 9 a.m. to noon, September 23 at the J.W. Marriot Hotel, 5150 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77056.  For more information about this event please visit

“Max Your Business” is a show that focuses on assisting entrepreneurs, businesses and their management teams build up their businesses by providing them with effective strategies needed to survive in today’s economy. This broadcast marks the first time Snyder has served as co-host.

The show is broadcast every Monday at 6 a.m. and at 6 p.m. The show is produced at HTV Studios in 3100 Main, Ste 1C11, Houston, TX 77002.

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