Local Houston Web Marketing Acquires International

Houston, TX (February 6, 2008) – Local Houston Web Marketing Acquires International, Enterprise Clients to begin 2008

The business world of today may seem a little smaller thanks to technological advances that allow a person on one side of the globe to communicate with another on the opposite side instantaneously.

Fair Marketing.com in Houston has tapped into this style of thinking and has acquired some international businesses that have established them on the global market as a consistent and successful web marketing company.

Ningbo Huicong E-Commerce Co., Ltd., located in China, might be better known to some as MadeInChina.com. It is a leading business-to-business e-commerce export provider and it provides an online marketing platform for both Chinese enterprises and global buyers. Fair Marketing is taking on a search engine marketing initiative for madeinchina.com that focuses on increasing their site’s visibility and natural search engine rankings over a 12-month period.

Greenpay LLC is another company Fair Marketing has signed on for high visibility search engine optimization. The company, also known as Amazoniaflowers.com, is an online farm-direct floral company. They provide flowers for buyers worldwide, including wholesale and wedding flowers, and are experts in delivering the flowers at all four corners of the earth. Fair Marketing is launching a full engine search marketing campaign that will make the Columbia based company more visible to the U.S. market, something the company sought out the services of Fair Marketing to accomplish.

“With the recent client acquisition of MadeInChina.com and AmazoniaFlowers.com, we are extending our international reach to service the search engine marketing needs of enterprise clients on a global scale, while still pressing forward with mid to enterprise level clients in the states,” said Roger Janik, Fair Marketing.com president. “It took us four months of negotiations to land the MadeInChina.com account, but we are happy to finally have them on board and have the opportunity to bring their website rankings and visibility to the next level of success.”

Fair Marketing.com has previously delved into the international market. KMI Consultants in Prague has been on board since 2003. KMI provides financial services online for investors. They also offer financial planning services, portfolio management and tax free investment consulting. Their site, www.kmicentral.com, receives a high volume of hits thanks to Fair Marketing’s ability to heighten a site’s ranking on a search engine page.     

“Having KMI Consultants as a client gives us another aspect for our international reach,” Janik said. “In today’s online business world, growth can be accomplished by reaching across those borders and taking location out as an inhibitor to doing great business. This just adds to our targeted reach and international experience.”

 Janik said some of his clients found out about Fair Marketing.com when they were chosen as a Top 10 search engine marketing firm for 2007 by PromotionWorld, a premier news and information source for the search engine marketing industry.

Fair Marketing is a website design and website promotion company based in Houston, TX. It specializes in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and custom website design. Company specialists build, host, mange and promote web sites.

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