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Fair Marketing Introduces UpChat, a Pay-Per-Lead Service

Innovative marketing service lets companies pay for performance, and only for performance.

HOUSTON, TX, APRIL 24, 2018 – Getting web visitors to convert into paying customers is a challenge for most businesses. Companies who include a chat platform on their websites can expect to receive 35% to 80% more leads, but many are unwilling or unable to launch this functionality because they don’t have any agents available to handle inquiries, nor the budget to add them.

Fair Marketing’s upChat service has a solution. UpChat gives companies a cost-effective and turnkey chat platform. The new service includes both software and agents who can address customer inquiries in both English and Spanish. UpChat customers pay only for results, that is, for the leads received using the upChat program. There are no additional retainers or software fees. This makes the service virtually risk-free.

“We’re really confident this service can help business owners in just about every industry if they are marketing and advertising their products or services online,” says David York, CTO at Fair Marketing. “In fact, we’re so confident that we’re giving away a 2-week trial where clients pay us absolutely nothing, with no strings attached. All leads delivered during the trial are 100% free, and customers will only begin paying after they choose to officially sign up for the upChat service. Most of our trial customers choose to move forward after seeing the incredible return on investment for themselves.”

UpChat includes several features designed to help it fit seamlessly into any marketing mix. A call connect feature allows agents to transfer customers directly to the business over the phone. SMS chat features increase the likelihood that users will choose to engage with the chat. UpChat can also interface with partner systems and CMS systems, making it easier for agents to strengthen relationships with customers on the business’ behalf.

The chat is customized to each advertiser. Fair Marketing has developed proven script templates for numerous verticals, including legal services, medical services, home improvement businesses, educational institutions and auto dealerships.
Fair Marketing does note upChat is meant to be used as a sales tool, and not as a customer service tool.
To learn more, visit www.fairmarketing.com/book-upchat-trial.

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