Fair Marketing Awarded Google Premier Partner Status

Fair Marketing joins a short list of companies who qualify for Google’s most prestigious partner status.

Houston, TX, August 10, 2016 – Fair Marketing is pleased to announce that they have been awarded Google Premier Partner Status. This status is only awarded to Google Partner agencies who have met or exceeded Google’s standards for generating and executing ad campaigns.

Fair Marketing’s clients can expect to benefit from the firm’s updated status. For example, Premier Partners have the right to call on priority phone and e-mail support for all client Ad Word accounts.

“Priority support is an incredible resource,” notes Roger Janik, Fair Marketing’s founder and CEO. “It allows us to take advantage of advanced tools which will let us do a better job of targeting customers on behalf of our clients.”

Fair Marketing’s team members will also gain access to additional training classes and seminars. “This means we’ll be able to do an even better job of moving the needle for our clients,” says Janik. “We want to learn everything there is to learn about producing leads and sales without wasting even a single one of our client’s ad dollars.”

Janik notes that several of Fair Marketing’s Ad Word specialists are especially excited about another Premier perk: beta testing. All Premier partners get the ability to use Google’s cutting edge products and services before they are released to the public at large. “Everyone loves new toys,” Janik quips.

But it’s about more than enjoying new toys. Fair Marketing’s clients will gain the competitive benefits of each of these services long before other agencies can offer them.

Google will list Fair Marketing in their Premier Partner search directory. “If working with a Premier Partner is important to you,” says Janik, “you’ll be able to find us. More importantly, you’ll have the ability to verify our status at any time.”

Google requires partners to successfully execute a large number of AdWords campaigns before they can even be considered for the Premier Partner award. Employees must also pass rigorous exams while meeting Google’s customer support KPIs. Then, they must receive a thorough evaluation from the Google team. Very few partners pass the inspection; less than 50 companies currently qualify.

For more information, contact Roger Janik at (713) 322-9442.

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Since 2005, Fair Marketing has helped clients across the nation establish and cultivate a strong online identity by using an innovative, trademarked approach. Fair Marketing has gained recognition from local publications, industry ranking services, consumer review sites and the Better Business Bureau. The company has consistently ranked among the top five web marketing firms in the United States. For more information, visit www.fairmarketing.com.

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