Ad Preview Tool Announced from Google

Google understands that what drives its business is advertising.  For years they have worked very hard to ensure that businesses get a return on their investment when they use their AdWords service. AdWords as SEO/SEM professionals already knows focuses on keywords.  So it’s no wonder that Google has continually added improvements to AdWords making it not only easier to use, but more effective. Recently Google has offered a new and improved Ad Preview Tool.  Continue reading to find out what’s new and how SEO/SEM professionals can effectively utilize this tool?

What’s New with the Ad Preview Tool?
On first glance, one can immediately see that the user interface has been spruced up and very easy to navigate.  Below is a screen shot:

In addition, Google states that the Ad Preview Tool makes it a great way to check how your ads that you create for syndication appear- without the problem of racking up addition impressions or clicks.

Location Feature on the Ad Preview Tool
In addition to it being easy to navigate and view, you probably have seen in the above image the radio buttons and drop down menu for Location or coordinates.  Yes, one of the most functional ways to use this tool is to view how a possible ad- lets say in Los Angeles will look to a user there- even when you the administrator is located on the east coast.

Other Features in Google’s Preview Ad Tool
Another feature to mention is the integrated keyword diagnosis.  Simply by logging into your AdWords account and previewing your ads, you will see this feature.  For instance, in the above image, the keyword “red roses” was inserted in the preview box.  On the bottom of the box you can see at the left the green box that says “Yes, your ad is showing for the keyword red roses”.  This obviously makes keeping track of your ads more convenient.

Another great feature of Google’s Ad Preview Tool now confirms whether your ad shows up and links to both the campaign and ad group.  As the below image shows:

For those ads that are not showing up, the tool will be able to tell you why- this way you can make adjustments such as increasing a bid amount, location targeting, changing your daily budget, etc.

Also to note, this new tool offers a device setting, which is great for those that want to view or diagnose ads for a mobile campaign (smartphones).  As you can see in the image above, there are many carriers which you can have campaigns for and this tool helps you view info about your ads instantly. It’s also perfect again, for those that create campaigns where they are not also geographically located within- if you have an ad campaign running in Florida and you are located in New York, this tool can be extremely helpful.

A Great Tool for SEO & SEM Professionals
Obviously, this preview tool is a great addition for those that run PPC campaigns.  Definitely check this tool out and see how it can help your business.  In addition, for those that are thinking about incorporating a mobile ad campaign, this tool definitely gives you great insight into how your ads will not only look, but more importantly how you can manage a mobile campaign effectively.  As always, we’ll keep you updated on additional tools that Google continually makes available.

Find out more and use the tool yourself by visiting the following url:

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