The Effects of Social Media Trends on SEO – Part II

The Effects of Social Media Trends on SEO – Part II

Tips for putting together a successful influencer marketing campaign

Working with influencers in your niche comes in handy when you’re launching a social media campaign and trying to make it go viral. It aids in gaining the initial momentum required for your campaign to begin trending, creating views and eventually, organic content, searches and clicks to your website.

If your company hasn’t yet dabbled in influencer marketing, here are some pointers to bear in mind when building a campaign that converts before or after you’ve recognized a social media trend in which you’d like to participate. 

Define campaign goals and target audience

Always start by establishing your advertising goals and target audience before coming up with a creative angle. One of the most common mistakes new and established brands make is selecting influencers solely on the basis of their fame or number of followers. To fully resonate with the audience, your target demographic must overlap and the partnership must be genuine.

Having a clear understanding of your campaign goals from the start will aid you in identifying the proper influencers to work with and selecting the appropriate social media platform(s) for your campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness or enhance sales of a specific product? Even within a single platform like Instagram, there are numerous distinctions between what works on the feed and what works on the stories. Having an influencer promote your goods on their Instagram feed may not be the greatest option if you want a huge amount of hits to your site right now.

A feature on the influencer’s Instagram Story would be a preferable alternative because you’ll need a mechanism for their followers to reach a clickable link without having to take additional steps. When you’ve found the influencers who can help you achieve your goal, don’t forget to tell them about your campaign aims so they can tailor the material to your intended outcomes.

Avoid one-off collaborations

Jumping on trends can lead to marketers pursuing one-off features, but collaborations that last a longer length of time and include frequent, organic product integrations are far more beneficial in allowing the influencer’s audience to truly create a bond with your product.

Work with a range of influencers

Working with numerous distinct influencers rather than basing your entire campaign around one is highly suggested because influencers typically don’t share a fan base while operating in the same niche. This will allow you to reach out to a wider range of people and expand the reach of your campaign. Also, don’t forget about the smaller creators! Their engagement rates are higher, and they have a stronger relationship and trust with their audience. They’re also less expensive.

Give influencers creative control over their content

Allow influencers to promote your product in their own distinct style, tailored to their personal brand and target demographic. Authenticity should always take precedence. It’s a no-no to create a campaign that forces people to follow a script. Create an open-ended brief instead. Give them broad guidelines for what you want your campaign to say, and then let them come up with their own ideas. The partnership must appear natural and not like an obvious advertisement.

Start a social media challenge

One of the most popular and efficient influencer marketing strategies is to start a challenge. Unlike traditional ambassador efforts, the objective of initiating a trend is that anybody can join in and put their own twist on it, broadening your campaign’s reach and creating a sense of exclusivity and community among people who participate.

If you’re establishing a hashtag to go along with the challenge, make sure it hasn’t previously been used and conduct extensive research to avoid any negative connotations that may arise and end up negatively reflecting your business.


Employing social media trends and influencer marketing to enhance brand awareness, search results and sales is an exceptionally viable marketing hack brands of all sizes can jump all over right now. TikTok has totally changed the game — for the better. The best thing about this platform is that trendy content creators are paid and organic content reaches millions. New content from small to large companies can amplify their brands by joining the game of co-creating viral trends and/or producing optimized supporting content to capitalize on searches. With the rise of social commerce, to be relevant, many companies must jump on board now or miss the boat.

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