The Effects of Social Media Trends on SEO

The Effects of Social Media Trends on SEO – Part I

Social media trends deliver one of the best opportunities to grow a social media following and spread brand awareness. Utilizing this wave to boost search engine results drives sales and traffic to your website.

If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t currently include taking advantage of social media trends in some way, keep reading. This post will explain why it’s critical to get on board and provide a list of doable tasks to help you take steps to ace the game.

How Marketers Use Current Social Media Trends to Generate Website Activity

Reinvent trending content

Recreate a trending piece of content on your brand’s social media account to insert your brand into culturally important occasions. You can get your product or message out there in a really authentic way by putting your own spin on it.

TikTok’s discovery page is a terrific way to locate trends, with trending hashtags and audios providing plenty of content ideas. Make sure to include a call to action at the end of your reactive social media material, as well as a relevant link in your profile’s bio to direct people away from the platform and to your website.

Fair Marketing Reinvent trending content

Generate supporting content beyond social media

Most brands are doing the aforementioned at this point, however, many brands and creators are still not offering supporting content outside of social media platforms. Viral social media phenomena, as we’ve seen, frequently transcend their original platform. People are searching for popular items on Google as those trends take off, according to Google Trends. Ignoring search boosts stemming from viral social media trends or organic influencer mentions is a squandered opportunity.

Despite the fact that your brand or product was not featured in the original viral post, there are a number of ways to get your keyword-optimized website content in front of this new audience.

You can try digital PR and pitch a piece of trending content to journalists, providing them with a post in exchange for a chance to earn excellent backlinks and a potential influx of new clients is essentially what you’re doing.

How brands employ influencer marketing to enhance searches and demand

Another wonderful strategy to raise awareness and improve searches for your product or brand is to collaborate with influencers to highlight your brand or product while engaging in a trend. Influencers have a distinct advantage in that they already have a committed following. Many times, content creators will do a better job of communicating with your potential new consumers in the unpolished language of social media, resulting in higher conversions.

Don’t overlook it if a big influencer in your niche has already included a generic product you sell in a hot piece of content that might lead to follow-up content, or makes the type of content your product could be neatly incorporated into. Use the power of word-of-mouth marketing to reach out to them for a product placement.

You can identify influencers in any niche, and you can even look outside of it. Even seemingly incompatible pairings can now produce successful outcomes with the correct creative twist, as long as the target audience overlaps.

Gear up for a flood of searches and purchases

Before the collaboration goes live, it’s critical that your brand has everything ready. From creating effective landing pages (to capture incoming direct and search traffic) to ensuring you have enough product supply for a campaign of your size.

Paid advertising can help influencer marketing efforts succeed

Running ads with your company account in conjunction with an active influencer campaign, whether on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, will provide your brand even more momentum and exposure.


Using social media trends and influencer marketing to increase brand awareness, search results, and sales is a very effective marketing strategy that businesses of all sizes can use right now. TikTok has fundamentally altered the game – for the better. As of now, it’s still a platform where not only paid, but also organic material may reach millions of people, making it very simple for new and small businesses to get involved in co-creating viral trends and/or developing optimal supporting content to capitalize on searches. It will become much more vital as social commerce grows in popularity.

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