Target PPC Trends to Watch in 2021 – Part II

Last month we discussed how all of the challenges of 2020 pushed many businesses to move online that never expected to go there. The major trends in PPC marketing and paid social media have been framed and are moving fast.

We delivered 5 trends to follow which were: Goodbye, Data, Appreciate Your Audience and the Buyer Journey, Greater Automation, Diversification Will Be Key, Plug Into the First-Data. In today’s article, we will deliver 5 additional trends to follow in this online engine driven by a COVID pandemic.

What’s a normal year in PPC marketing? We’re all agreed that until the volatility of the world is calmed, it will remain relatively unpredictable. Everyone is becoming quite astute at adapting to adapting. After much trial and error and analyzing the past year trends, it has lead to 5 more that should be put in place to stay ahead of the game. Let’s review them.

Latest Instagram Opportunities

It is advised to keep an eye on Instagram. Opening up other ad placements for further inventory through IGTV and Reels is smart business as they continue to quickly gain organic popularity. It has been noted that ad formats like Stories have done exceptionally well and they are rivaling TikTok formats by launching Reels.

IG will continue to find ways to make money on this real estate on their platform while also tempting creators – something not historically done well here.

Big Picture Strategy Will Grow to Be More Valuable

It’s a rapidly changing industry – no one disputes that. Knowing where to push, where to pull and when is an essential skill set. As digital media geeks, becoming lost in the data is a pleasure. But having a creative mindset and the ability to go big picture is key. While the cost of inventory rises, you have to define how your investment works smarter.

Better structured campaigns are less important than how negative ‘whack-a-mole’ tactics are to the success of a campaign. Group campaigns thematically and have ads and offers that specifically appeal to your audience. Focus on targeting your market based on their preferences and behaviors – old school is back.

Perfect the Ad Message

Articulation of message will be super important in 2021. It will be more important than ever to work towards writing more good ads than bad ads. This was echoed by many other PPC experts. Understanding who your customers are as people, rather than as data points should be your renewed focus.

Test- Alot

Other than, “you’re on mute,” a quote ranking in the top 10 for 2020 for the social media arena is, “get comfortable not being comfortable.” If 2020 prepared us for nothing else, hopefully it prepared us for that!

You should test your campaigns by inspecting each variable and only allow newly ‘proven’ tactics as part of your marketing mix.

A Great Mobile Experience

Don’t be surprised to see this in a list of PPC trends for 2021. If brands expect to succeed in 2021, you need to have an accessible site. This is, and will be, a huge area for 2021 because we all know many businesses are brand spanking new to “online.”

Despite the years of people accessing most of their info for the Internet via their mobile, countless brands still don’t have a website that has a great experience on mobile. Visit your own site on a mobile device and other multiple devices to get a clear and honest picture.

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