PPC Myths in 2021

The world of digital marketing can be a roller coaster. Speculations about PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can push many companies off track. PPC is an essential part of digital marketing programs. With the supply of information encompassing PPC practices and trends, it’s easy to encounter myths. SEO is not beneficial if you don’t stay focused. SEO can easily kill a website if not utilized correctly because small mistakes can get you penalized and your ranking can rapidly fall.

PPC myths to know and avoid in 2021

Myth #1: PPC cannot respond to complex or emotional decisions

PPC ads provide a very brief “time slot” to grab the attention of the customer. You must meticulously strategize the action you want your audience to carry from that ad. Focus on your goals you want to achieve with PPC and vary from business to business. Keep in mind that PPC should always be a part of a marketing strategy – not that the entire marketing strategy relies on PPC.

Myth #2: PPC is a temporary strategy

Some Digital marketers think they should only use PPC for specific sales or offers occurring at a limited time. But managing paid ads as short-term strategies can really damage its effectiveness. Short-term PPC spits out a few clicks and a few leads but as the campaign ends there are no gains to reap. Moreover, you are not gaining much in those few clicks.

Myth #3: High-quality organic ranking outweigh PPC campaigns

Companies who see enormous results in SEO campaigns feel like they do not require PPC at all. While SEO is an equally reliable approach to digital marketing, paid ads can advance your online game to a whole new level when used in combination with organic SEO functionality.

Myth #4: Focus on Google for your PPC campaigns

One of the great myths of PPC is that Google is the only search engine you need to invest in when you advertise.

Though Google is the most extensively used search engine, other search engines, such as Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo! can be an effective option.

Some advertisers realized improved conversions and ROI results for these sites over Google because there was less competition.

Myth #5: No one clicks on PPC ads

It’s true – PPC ads have a lower click-through rate when compared to other paid search advertising options. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Amazingly, users are still influenced by display ads even if they do not click them. Think of display and banner ads like billboards and TV commercials. If you weigh the amount of exposure you can get at a lower cost, ad advertising can be the winning piece of your digital marketing strategy.

Myth #6: Close your account at night, no one is searching or buying right away.

Use the reports that can confirm for you how much traffic you’re receiving at all hours of the day or night, as well as click-through rates. With Analytics, you can determine your conversion rates by the hour. Think about all the time zones and remember that if you delete your account before doing the right research you may miss relevant statistics.


Before believing in myths or trends encompassing digital marketing campaigns do thorough research that is specific to your requirements to connect with positive results.

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