How to Attack SEO in 2019: Accountability and Customer Experiences

Master improving your organic search performance in 2019 and you increase your bottom line. Out of the gate, you must have an intimate understanding of what your audience is, does and wants. Find ways to mine that data to improve efficiency in all the ways you can.

As all of the technological advances and possibilities come forward in 2019, it just might be the most exciting season for marketers, yet. This year, the consumer experience and how it will be shaped by artificial intelligence will be everything. Even more trend-worthy are those queries increasingly expressed by voice, on mobile or both.

The way consumers request and rely on receiving information is changing. Their expectations as to what they expect for results are vast. The days of text-only search results are almost done (except in specific cases where that is all or exactly what is required). Seventy-four percent of consumers reported that text-only result returns were not enough. AI is driving new search formats and channels.

SEO is newly invented – again. Wondering where you should focus your efforts for the best organic search performance in 2019?

Capitalize on the Consumer Experience – Organic Search is Key

Today, the path to purchase is as unique as each customer, but there are still some compelling trends we can identify in consumer search behavior.

Consumers are looking for much more than just products and services in 2019. Searchers want to know when stores open, how to get there, what it looks like inside and out, how’s the service, should they tip and much, much more.

With this type of specific internet usage comes a myriad of new touchpoints for marketers to connect with consumers and in more meaningful ways than ever before. Searcher intent has completely redefined the marketing funnel and, as Google says, no two customer journeys are exactly alike. Here are a few areas of motivation for marketers to focus starting in the New Year:

Dominate your understanding of your visitors

Your visitors should provide you a with an outline from which to develop, optimize, distribute and market your content that will resonate the most with purchasing customers.

Understand your customer in minute detail

Start to become more granular in defining customer experiences. What are this buyer’s needs and wants? How do they consume media? At which stages in their journey will the personalization be most helpful and compelling?

Use artificial intelligence to mine data

This is mainstream now. Large, dynamic data sets enable companies to identify patterns in real time, helping to drive a greater understanding of their consumer base and market as a whole.

Measure beyond the click

Go beyond rank and click data with interdepartmental measurement. Make sure all departments are aware of and motivated for your SEO strategy.

2019 is literally ripe with SEO opportunity abound for marketers committed to the consumer experience and knowledgeable about the AI and machine learning arenas. There is no more “taking a year to learn about this new stuff…”.The learning curve is sharp, the struggle is real so get on board and join the revolution.

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