Enhance your online presence with videos on Google Maps

Companies with an online presence often try to paint pictures using words in search engine listings. This is often easier said than done. Fortunately, Google is making it a lot easier for companies to show what their business can do by allowing Android users to upload videos to Google Maps listings.

There are many different types of businesses that can benefit from this new development. Essentially, any business might be able to improve their online presence through this tool. Think about the following points.

Industries that might benefit

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to which industries might find this video addition the most beneficial. Restaurants can show people what dishes they have to offer. Stores can take people on a virtual tour of the place. Daycares can show off the facility. Hospitals and doctor’s offices can do the same. Entertainment venues can show what they have to offer. Law offices can introduce the firm’s offerings. Real estate offices can show how they stage homes or prepare listings. Repairmen can show off their quality work. Roofing companies might show off some of the shingles they have or the completed jobs they’ve done. Ultimately, the goal of these videos, at least from a business owner’s prospective, is to show why people should use the service or frequent the business.

Uploading videos isn’t for domain owners

Don’t think that you are the one who can upload videos using this Android tool. Instead, only specific people can upload footage of businesses. The capability to add videos to Google Maps was first introduced to a group of Google Local Guides. While these videos can be used as a way to show off your company, people who aren’t happy with your company might use them to show why people shouldn’t contact you. For example, a restaurant patron who sees bugs in a dish might post a video of that occurrence or a person who receives substandard care in a doctor’s office might upload a video of the care experience. The possibility of adding videos should encourage you to always provide patrons or clients with the best experience possible.

Video placement algorithm wasn’t released

You can’t control what videos are showing up on Google Maps. Thus far, there hasn’t been any information put out about how Google will decide what order to show videos. This makes it rather difficult to determine what you can do to make sure that your business is accurately represented on this page. There isn’t any indication that Google will ever relay why they place videos in a specific order on the maps.

Only short videos are allowed

People who upload videos can only upload short videos to the page. Currently, Android users can upload videos that are up to 30 seconds long. This might seem like a short time; however, an experienced person can show a lot in that amount of time. Additionally, users can upload more than one video to show a specific point. This must be carefully planned and executed.

Many unknowns at the present time

As we mentioned, people who are Google Local Guides can upload these videos. There hasn’t been any indication that Google will alert business owners when a new video is uploaded. In fact, business owners might not be able to do anything to reply on Google Maps to the footage that is shown. Basically, Google only announced who could upload videos and that people on desktops, Androids, and iPhones would be able to view the videos. This does give the possibility some specific limitations; however, there wasn’t any information about whether business owners would eventually be able to upload videos.

Planning for the future

Currently, you would need to find someone who has joined the program or you would need to join the program yourself. Businesses aren’t eligible for the program, which is clearly stated in the program rules. You have to be 18 years old or older and agree to get emails to join. Even if you don’t have a Google Local Guide account now, you can still make plans for how you will use the video uploads for your company.

Videos on Google Maps are only part of the plan

Don’t think that your business should rely on only the Google Maps videos for advertising. You will still need to optimize your website and take other steps to drive traffic to your website. You could use the ability to add videos to the Google Maps page as a springboard of sorts to your own website. For example, you could upload a teaser video to Google Maps and place a longer video on your website. This would get you clicks to your website, which you might be able to convert into sales or appointments.

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