Advanced Content Promotion

To really move the needle on your content promotion, a daily tweet isn’t going to cut it. Companies that want to grow big and grow fast need to grow differently. If you want to understand how to have real growth and advanced content promotion, you should mirror how Kissmetrics, Sourcify, Sales Hacker, Kinsta and BuildFire have utilized newsjacking and paid social to elevate their brands above the competition. Here are a few tips on how to get a jumpstart on using their roadmap.


  1. Ensure your content fuels your social media distribution (and not vice versa)

Remember to focus on doing what matters most — and sometimes that means do exactly what is necessary to generate the biggest bang for your buck. Building up social networks is smart. Hundreds of thousands of followers across each network always carries a brand. As you create content, ensure it addresses what is important to your frontlines. Have a person responsible for watching out for anything critical, like a customer question, which will then be passed off to the Customer Success Manager that will get back to them within a few hours. This drives your social media quality of service through the roof and lets your many followers know you’re reliable as a company. New blog posts should get the obligatory push to Twitter and LinkedIn. (Facebook is used primarily for their weekly webinar updates.)

You can work smarter (and not harder) by using an Open Graph Protocol WordPress plugin to automatically add all appropriate tags for each social network. All you will need to do is add the file and basic post metadata. The plugin will then customize how it shows up on each network. Focus on building a brand that people recognize and trust. This means others will do the social sharing for you!


  1. Wanna go viral? Pool original research and newsjacking

Sourcify has grown almost entirely via content marketing. What’s delivered them to the bullseye is leveraging their own knowledge and foundation to fuel viral stories. The strategy here is literally not rocket science (unless you are or work for NASA). When big stories hit the news or are popular in social media, make sure you are gearing your social media posts and content to incorporate those topics somehow (if applicable) so that your business can literally steal the eye of that topic onto your own name, products or services. You have to make sure it’s done just right or it can be as damaging as it can be good if not done in the right light or tone. Definitely get a group opinion of what should or should not go out.


  1. Rank faster with paid (non-organic) social promotion

Tom Zsomborgi wrote about Kinsta’s journey in a blog post that posted last November and reached the top of Hacker News. This lead to their website has a steady 400+ visitors every day. Within hours their post was also ranking on the first page for the term “bootstrapping,” which receives around 256,000 monthly searches.

This occurred because of the direct correlation between social proof and increased search traffic. It is believed if you pay for Facebook to increase organic rankings and take good content with that paid syndication you can watch keyword rankings increase.

A company’s big goal with content promotion should be to build traffic and get as many eyeballs as possible. Then you can use AdRoll for display retargeting messages, targeting the people who just visited with lead gen offers to start a free trial. You can use “Click Campaigns” objective on Facebook Ads for both lead gen and content promotion. It’s a great tool for getting traffic.


At the end of the day, sending out a few tweets will not make an impact. There’s more and smarter competition than ever before and organic reach has never been lower. The trick is to literally follow the leaders who are successfully doing it day-in, day-out, with the numbers and rankings to prove it.

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