Illusion of Perfect Lives

Social networks have become a norm today. People usually have at least one profile on social networks, and it is not uncommon for people to even have multiple profiles on a single platform. This has practically went so far for younger generation to consider those who are absent from this e-sociosphere as practically non-existent. However, the shift of focus from face-to-face interaction to online socializing has lead to some unfortunate consequences.

Paradigm Shift

People generally keep the bad things to themselves. And that is all but natural. We all like to bear the mask of perfection, except before those near and dear to us. However, in the great world online, things have gone up to the next level. People mostly post the good things about themselves. They no longer just conceal their bad sides – they do the same with bad photographs. This all creates a convincing glamour of perfect lives – lives where they’re always smiling, always surrounded by fun.

Unless people are actually seeking drama for its own sake, modern online culture reinforces creating an idol of social success and attraction. People actually get addicted how much retweets and likes they receive, practically irrelevant of the content that receives actual tweets and likes. And while such behavior may seem shallow and harmless, the truth is, sadly, far from that.


Lack of self-esteem is a plague that affects the entire mankind. We are all unsure of ourselves, to a greater or lesser degree. Sadly, the facades that modern social networks put up only reinforce such tendencies.

We are not affected by our own social network profiles because we only do what we have been doing – presenting ourselves in the best possible light; the true selves are still within our brain. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that others do the same, and all too often, we see their smiling faces, their parties, the perfect food they eat, the jovial status messages, and it beats us down to dust why can’t we have it.

But all people have problems, some more than others and that it is okay to be that way. Life is a game, a sort of cosmik casino, and we should all appreciate it for what it is.

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