How the Google AdWords App for iOS helps us better serve our customers

Our PPC managers don’t just sit comfortably at their desks. They’re on the go quite often, which is why having an AdWords mobile app available to both major mobile devices is great news. Once, the AdWords app was only available to Android users, but recently it became available to iPhone users, too.

The AdWords app can’t handle every bit of campaign management, of course. There are just some things the PC portal is better at, especially for our guys, who manage several accounts every single day. But our clients are already telling us that it’s nice to know they can call and get an update no matter where their campaign managers might be. In fact, providing up-to-the-minute reporting is one of this app’s strongest features.

Making changes with the AdWords app:
The AdWords mobile app does give account managers the power to make some changes—it’s not all about reporting.
For example, if you need to order an emergency campaign stop because your website has gone down, the app does make it relatively easy to do this. Small budget updates are easy, too…in fact, Google will suggest them, giving you the option of taking the suggestions or passing on them just by touching the “Yes” or “No” option that pops up on your screen. Bigger changes should probably wait until the ad manager makes it back to the office.

The AdWords app is great for small, quick adjustments, but we’re not necessarily going to want to fiddle with headlines, change ad copy or attempt to run A/B tests on it. It’s just not set up for that kind of in-depth ad management work, especially for managers who are working with multiple accounts. Such changes would be problematic, if not impossible, even for the DIY entrepreneurs attempting to manage even a single account from their phones.

Why do account managers need an app? Why not just use your phone’s browser?
While it’s always been possible to manipulate AdWords from a phone’s browser, it’s never been a good idea. It’s just too easy to make mistakes, because using AdWords on the phone’s browser is a messy, clunky way to go about making changes. Cameron Fenno, one of our campaign managers here at Fair Marketing, describes it as “a terrible experience that I never want to have to repeat.” He went on to say that this mobile app was “desperately needed.”
In the past, account managers probably wouldn’t have brought up the phone browser as an option. They just would have waited to get back to a PC rather than risking errors in a campaign.

What kind of information does the reporting feature have to offer?
The reporting feature gives us access to just about any information a client might need to hear about. This includes cost-per-click, impressions, clicks, and click through rates. Analytic info is also available, allowing our account managers to make some solid suggestions, ensuring PPC campaigns continue to perform at their full potential.

Google at Our Fingertips
The AdWords app offers one final feature that makes it exceedingly useful: the ability to call Google reps directly. These reps are always willing to answer questions. They’re also capable of sorting out any technical problems the ad manager might have. We don’t have to call the Google team often, but it’s nice to have them at the touch of a button just in case we need them.
In short, the AdWords app for iOS is just another way marketing technology has evolved to make it easier to serve you better. The Fair Marketing team is committed to serving its clients, which is why we watch innovations like this so closely.


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