Establishing Author Rank via Google+

By David York, Director of Online Marketing
Fair Marketing

One of the many ways Fair Marketing helps your business become an online authority is to establish author rank by linking the relevant content we create for your onsite blogs to a personal Google+ profile.

How does this help? Since you are the expert in your field – who better to create and share content on topics related to the search terms we’re promoting with your upSEARCH campaign. Our writers prepare the content and post it to your blog, using the same byline for each article written. The authorship byline is then linked to the personal Google+ profile for the author.

Within the personal Google+ profile, the author is set as a contributing author to the blog we create and manage on your website. As fresh content is posted each week, the number of articles written by the contributing author increases, and the more you are seen as an authority.

This can result in higher exposure in search engine results related to the search terms we’re promoting for your campaign; as now you’re improving your chances of driving traffic to your blog, in addition to the landing pages we are marketing.

Your upSEARCH campaign includes setup of a personal G+ profile if you do not have an existing profile for marketing. Some packages also include regular posting to the Google+ profile page.

For setup guidelines, refer to or speak with your Fair Strategist today to learn more about how linking your content to Google+ benefits your business!

Fair Marketing