12 Month SEO Roadmap to Online Authority

Our holistic approach and unified web marketing solution is unmatched in the SEO realm. The blueprints to the internet are no longer a hidden and undecipherable commodity. After years of research and development we have translated the algorithms and developed an approach that empowers our clients to be their own online authority experts. upSEARCH™ is our unique formula and process for attaining top listings on the major search engines. This winning formula for natural SEO rankings puts control in your hands to realize ROI and entice web traffic to your site that eventually converts to revenue.

With a delicate balance of art and science, we are capable of influencing a website to rise to page one of the major engines and this is where our unique upSEARCH™ system comes in. Our formula for SEO success embodies a well-rounded approach, combining traditional Public Relations and Web Marketing. You will have a fully engaged team of experts that navigate you through a 12 month roadmap of proven techniques and methodologies.

Each monthly focus is brilliant and will capture and promote a unique section of smart information until the entire roadmap is traveled. The final destination is success for your online business that directly translates to an elevated ROI and ability to reach the clientele you desire.

Because we are ahead of the trends and changes, your business will not be impacted by new online algorithms or guidelines. We do our own research and development so that you are not affected like other businesses who elect to use trial and error methods from other online companies. Our 12 month Roadmap ensures you always reach a final destination of success. Every digital asset your website will need to rise to the top including full onsite optimization, onsite marketing and offsite marketing is developed, managed and successfully launched by our experts with you in the driver’s seat. View our authority roadmap month-by-month to see the commitment we plan for your success.

The upSEARCH™ system at a glance – Authority ROADMAP

  • Website Optimization Methodology
    Your dedicated FAIR Strategist will work for you to implement the upSEARCH™ optimization system onto your website. They will meet you in person or teleconference before any work begins. This meeting will focus on mapping out, in detail, what our team will be working on for the initial month of optimization. Some of what we will discuss at this kick-off meeting will include target products/services, user FAQs, online marketing goals, competitor identification, technical obstacles and our detailed proprietary onsite optimization process. Below is a peek into the proprietary upSEARCH™ optimization formula our SEO task force will implement:

  • Monthly Onsite and Offsite SEO Web Marketing:

    In addition to each month’s authority focus, you’ll receive ongoing onsite and offsite marketing through custom deliverables that will drive traffic to the dedicated SEO landing pages we create and add to your website. Some of these deliverables include:

    • Onsite blog articles
    • Advanced offsite guest blogging
    • Business listings in vertical specific ​online directories
    Each offsite marketing deliverable fulfilled adds a powerful link to your website – continually updating your now optimized and healthy backlink profile. Learn more about our proprietary upLINK software here.
  • Reporting & Metrics
    Our F.A.I.R. methodology is not just a fancy acronym, it is our way of life! Our reporting and tracking is accessible
    to all of our clients 24/7 and serves up data in real-time. Through our FAIRmetrix™ dashboard our clients can view every campaign stat such as keyword rankings, website traffic, social media analytics, pay per click performance and much more. In addition our client have full access to a private Lead Tracking dashboard to view all leads that have come through their website such as phone calls, emails, form submissions, and live chats.