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upSEARCH Search Engine Optimization

Our Holistic Approach and Unified Web Marketing Solution

upSEARCH™ is our unique formula and process for achieving top listings on the major search engines. After years of research and development we have created a winning formula for natural SEO rankings.

It takes delicate balance of art, science and elbow grease to push a website to page one of the major engines and this is where our unique upSEARCH™ system comes in. Our formula for SEO success encompasses every digital asset your website will need to rise to the top including full onsite optimization, onsite marketing, and offsite marketing.

Why upSEARCH™?

Our Formula

How We Measure


The upSEARCH™ system at a glance

    • Website Optimization Methodology
      You will be assigned a dedicated FAIR Strategist to implement the upSEARCH™ optimization system onto your website. Our FAIR Strategist will meet you in person or teleconference before any work begins. At this meeting, we will map out in detail what our team will be working on for the next 6-8 weeks of optimization. Some of what we will discuss at this kick-off meeting will include target product/service targets, user FAQs, online marketing goals, competitor identification, technical obstacles and our detailed proprietary onsite optimization process. Below is a peak into the proprietary upSEARCH™ optimization formula our SEO task force will implement:

      1. Weeks 1-2: Identify BICs, FAQs and get Design Approval Proprietary formula for finding highly targeted categories of interest and the most popular questions that user’s input into the search engines when searching for your product and/or service which will drive the most web traffic to your site. (we’ve coined the acronym BICs – short for buyer intent categories) . Client also chooses landing page design mockups of their BIPs (buyer intent pages) powered by upENGINE™ [ Full details and plan shared at kick-off meeting ]
      2. Weeks 2-3: Onsite Blog & SEO Landing Pages Installed Installation of proprietary upENGINE™ software to build BIPs (buyer intent landing pages) and onsite blog which adhere to the latest SEO Standards
        [read below section Onsite Web Marketing Methodology]
      3. Weeks 3-4: Fine Tuning & Internal Audits Offsite marketing begins on day 30
        Website entered into FAIRMetrix™ tracking system (client login) Lead & Call tracking implemented and launched (client login)
        [ Full details and plan shared at kick-off meeting ]
      4. Weeks 4-5: Launch upENGINE™ Powered Website
      5. Weeks 5+: All onsite marketing begins and syncs up with offsite marketing which began on day 30.
    • Onsite Web Marketing Methodology
      After your website has gone through the full upSEARCH™ optimization process (above) it is time to begin the full onsite (on-page) marketing push. The major search engines are endlessly and tirelessly crawling the Internet looking for the most relevant and qualified source (website) for any given topic or question that a person is searching for. Our upSEARCH™ formula for SEO is designed to give the engines exactly what they are looking for. Here is a partial list of what your Online marketing campaign will include to feed search engines the most relevant, fresh and authoritative content (related to your targeted keyword phrases).

      1. Frequent onsite blog posts
      2. Frequent homepage news posts
      3. Frequent video posts
      4. Dedicated BIPs (Buyer Intent Pages) to drive rankings, traffic and leads to your website.
  • Our proprietary upENGINE™ powers all of the above onsite deliverables. We use the upENGINE™ to build a dedicated SEO page (buyer intent page) for each of your chosen ‘target keyword phrases’. Once these pages are built and installed we can easily update, modify and edit them from a personal web portal (clients will also have access). Our upENGINE™ BIPs contain the following features which help to achieve top natural rankings:
  1. Buyer Intent Pages by SSD Fair Marketinga. Contact Form

    b. Photo or Video

    c. Unique ‘sell points’ (why your product or services are the best)

    d. Unique web content that is focused on your target products or services

    e. Local Google map embedded within the page

    f. Local business address and contact information

    g. Call tracking phone number

    h. Fonts and colors set to match your websites color scheme.

    i. Your company logo

    k. Social media icons which link to your Online profiles

    l. Contain HTML 5 tags and micro-data

    m. Contain authorship tag which establishes authority

    n. Are mobile friendly responsive design (works on tablets, cell phones, etc.)

    o. Domain name is the same as your main company domain

    p. Very fast download speed

    q. 100% hosted on our dedicated server

  • Offsite Web Marketing Methodology

Offsite marketing initiatives begin at day 30 of your campaign and must be continued indefinitely to yield and maintain the desired top natural rankings. Offsite marketing is the process of creating unique, fresh and relevant content for any targeted keyword phrase. This content is then published to multiple sources throughout the Internet. The consistent creation and publication of fresh marketing collateral will build brand equity for your company, drive visitors to your website, and build links from relevant websites (a.k.a. in-bound links). Link popularity is a vital component to building top rankings (although just one piece of the puzzle). Our upSEARCH™ system for offsite marketing will consist of some of the following:

    • Frequent offsite guest blog posts
    • Frequent press release publications via PRweb or PRnewswire
    • Link building through local citations (local business directories)
    • Video creation and distribution on Youtube
  • Reporting & Metrics

Our F.A.I.R. methodology is not just a fancy acronym, it is our way of life! Our reporting and tracking is accessible to all of our clients 24/7 and serves up data in real-time. Through our FAIRmetrix™ dashboard our clients can view every campaign stat such as keyword rankings, website traffic, social media analytics, pay per click performance and much more. In addition our client have full access to a private Lead Tracking dashboard to view all leads that have came through their website such as phone calls, emails, form submissions, and live chats.