• Fair Marketing Launches Free Social Media Trial, Zero Down Social

    Fair Marketing features Zero Down Social, a program that allows businesses access to social media marketing on a no-risk platform with no contracts and zero down payments. On July 10, 2014, Fair Marketing launched Zero Down Social, a no-risk social media marketing campaign that provides the benefits of strategically focused Facebook account management without a […]

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  • Fair Marketing to Award U.S. Veteran $5000 in 1st Annual “Salute Our Troops” Contest

    Fair Marketing—a Houston-based, multi-functional web marketing company—will present “Salute Our Veterans” winner and U.S. Veteran, Lee Knudsen, a contest prize of $5,000. On July 23, Fair Marketing CEO Roger Janik will present a $5,000 check to “Salute Our Veterans” winner Lee Knudsen. Knudsen, a U.S. Army Veteran and retired police officer, is the first winner […]

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  • Fair Marketing, Inc. Offers ‘Free’ Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising Campaign

    Fair Marketing features ZeroDownPPC program, allows advertisers access to SEO-based marketing services on a no-risk platform. Fair Marketing  is offering a no-risk pay-per-click (PPC) ad marking service that provides the benefits of strategically focused PPC account management without a long-term contract and no up-front costs. Designed for advertisers who have been on the fence about […]

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  • Client of the Month: Bayou City Lumber

    “As a small business it’s important to capture every opportunity so it’s important to have a smart, attractive website. After letting a very large company charge me a lot of money for website optimization with very little results, I began to really search for the right people to help us with our website. Fair Marketing […]

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  • How Blogs Can Help Improve Inbound Links

    By: Roger Janik, President and CEO, Fairmarketing There have been plenty of articles written regarding how blogging is an effective marketing and SEO strategy and while many articles touch upon the finer points of developing blogs for profit, few address how they can assist improving inbound links. In the following article, I’ll take a stab […]

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  • Bing Webmaster Tools Lets You Disavow Backlinks

    by Thom Craver, August 14, 2012 Bing has announced a Fairmarketing configuration area in Bing Webmaster Tools called “Disavow Links.” The tool is for submitting URLs of spammy or low-quality sites that link to you or links to your site that seem “unnatural.” The Fairmarketing tool can be found under the Configure My Site area […]

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Customer satisfaction is not enough for the team at – we work hard to go the extra mile and give all of our clients personalized service with lighting-fast turnaround time so that our clients convert into ‘Raving Fans’!

So we’ve designed the FAIR Rewards program to give back to clients that give so much back to us! We truly appreciate every single client and we would like to show our appreciation by offering some strong incentives to stay a loyal customer and become a true Raving Fan of Fair Marketing!

  • Cash rewards for business referrals
  • Profit sharing for business referrals
  • Discount off monthly service fees
  • Cash rewards for on-time payments
  • Cash rewards for testimonials
  • Gifts and Discounts for contract renewals
  • Featured as client of the month on Fair Marketing website

This is just a taste of what’s included. Once you sign up with Fair Marketing, you will receive the full Rewards packet at your in-person kickoff meeting.


  • What is SEM (PPC)?
    • SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is commonly used when referring to “paid placements” or online advertising. This is different than SEO because people must pay to display ads, banners, links etc. to gain exposure. Paid placements commonly cost a customer per “ad click” or ad impression. Example: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing.
  • What is SEO?
    • Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website through programming standards which are best suitable and agreeable to the major search engines. By programming a website to be “optimized” for the engines it will stand a better chance of ranking well on the SERPS (search engine results pages). Once a site is optimized/programmed to adhere to SEO standards it must be promoted through online marketing initiatives. These initiatives may include writing blogs, articles, press releases and creating link-backs. This “offsite” effort  plays a key role in the optimization process as it helps push rankings higher on the SERPS.
  • Do you have any references, case studies or awards?
  • What are Fair Marketing’s core competencies?
  • What kind of clients or industries do you service?
    • We have clients all across the board ranging from health care to home repair.  We do not have to specialize in any one industry because the beauty of SEO/SEM/SOCIAL is that we have strong systems in place or a “formula” which can apply to any company in ANY industry.
  • How long has Fair Marketing been in business?
  • Where is Fair Marketing located and how many employees do you have?
    • Our corporate office in Houston, TX but we have satellite locations in Austin and Denver. Fair Marketing has 22 full time employees and rapidly expanding. The bulk of our clients reside in Houston but we have clients all over the globe in places such as Nigeria, Columbia, Prague and China!
  • What makes Server Side Design different or better than its competitors?
    • Our SEO/SEM campaigns are TRULY custom and tailored to achieve your goals. We assign a level of difficulty to every keyword phrase you would like to rank for and based on this level of difficulty we assign a set amount of deliverables necessary to achieve page-one rankings. In addition we are one of the few SEO/SEM firms that are focused on tracking ALL metrics and showing true ROI to our clients. We do this through our proprietary FAIRmetrix™ system where are clients can login and view all of their rankings, traffic, ppc ads, link-backs, social media, and ALL leads such as phone calls, emails, form submissions, etc. This makes us 100% accountable for results and transparent to our clients.fairmarketing is a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO), an accredited member of the BBB and we have been ranked consecutively as the #1 SEO company in the world by Promotion World.fairmarketing is a thriving company that is honored to be a recpient of the Houston Fast 100 Award ranking us as the #9 fastest growing company in Houston!fairmarketing has recently been ranked as the #2 best company to work for in Houston according to Houston Business Journal All of our employees reside in the U.S. Most of our competitors outsource their labor overseas.