• Fair Marketing Launches Free Social Media Trial, Zero Down Social

    Fair Marketing features Zero Down Social, a program that allows businesses access to social media marketing on a no-risk platform with no contracts and zero down payments. On July 10, 2014, Fair Marketing launched Zero Down Social, a no-risk social media marketing campaign that provides the benefits of strategically focused Facebook account management without a […]

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  • Fair Marketing to Award U.S. Veteran $5000 in 1st Annual “Salute Our Troops” Contest

    Fair Marketing—a Houston-based, multi-functional web marketing company—will present “Salute Our Veterans” winner and U.S. Veteran, Lee Knudsen, a contest prize of $5,000. On July 23, Fair Marketing CEO Roger Janik will present a $5,000 check to “Salute Our Veterans” winner Lee Knudsen. Knudsen, a U.S. Army Veteran and retired police officer, is the first winner […]

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  • Fair Marketing, Inc. Offers ‘Free’ Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising Campaign

    Fair Marketing features ZeroDownPPC program, allows advertisers access to SEO-based marketing services on a no-risk platform. Fair Marketing  is offering a no-risk pay-per-click (PPC) ad marking service that provides the benefits of strategically focused PPC account management without a long-term contract and no up-front costs. Designed for advertisers who have been on the fence about […]

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  • How Can SEOs Make Use of Google’s Voice Feature?

    According to Google, 20% of search queries are now voice searches. This is a figure we can only expect to see rising, since more and more people are accessing the Internet from mobile phones and tablets, instead of from traditional PCs. Google has recently announced the voice-activated Google assistant and is also launching other Q&A-heavy […]

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  • Facebook Local Awareness Ads Move as Your Customers Move

    Facebook Local Awareness ads are a new tool that makes it easier for businesses to reach the right customers at the right time. For many brick-and-mortar businesses, the Local Awareness program is poised to become one of the strongest tools in their paid advertising arsenal. On the surface, setting up a Local Awareness ad looks […]

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  • Client of the Month: Bayou City Lumber

    “As a small business it’s important to capture every opportunity so it’s important to have a smart, attractive website. After letting a very large company charge me a lot of money for website optimization with very little results, I began to really search for the right people to help us with our website. Fair Marketing […]

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WHAT IS FAIRrewards™?

The FAIRrewards™ program gives back to the clients who give so much to us! We truly appreciate every client and would like to show our appreciation by offering some incentives to stay a loyal customer and become a true, raving fan of Fair Marketing.

So we’ve designed the FAIR Rewards program to give back to clients that give so much back to us! We truly appreciate every single client and we would like to show our appreciation by offering some strong incentives to stay a loyal customer and become a true Raving Fan of Fair Marketing!

  • Cash rewards for business referrals
  • Profit sharing for business referrals
  • Discount off monthly service fees
  • Cash rewards for on-time payments
  • Cash rewards for testimonials
  • Gifts and discounts for contract renewals
  • Featured as client of the month on Fair Marketing website

This is just a taste of what’s included. Once you sign up with Fair Marketing, you will receive details about the full rewards package at your in-person kickoff meeting.


  • What is SEM (PPC)?
    • SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is commonly used when referring to “paid placements” or online advertising. This is different than SEO because people must pay to display ads, banners, links etc. to gain exposure. Paid placements commonly cost a customer per “ad click” or ad impression. Example: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing.
  • What is SEO?
    • Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website through programming standards which are best suitable and agreeable to the major search engines. By programming a website to be “optimized” for the engines it will stand a better chance of ranking well on the SERPS (search engine results pages). Once a site is optimized/programmed to adhere to SEO standards it must be promoted through online marketing initiatives. These initiatives may include writing blogs, articles, press releases and creating link-backs. This “offsite” effort plays a key role in the optimization process as it helps push rankings higher on the SERPS.
  • Do you have any references, case studies or awards?
  • What kind of clients or industries do you service?
    • We have clients all across the board ranging from health care to home repair. We do not have to specialize in any one industry because the beauty of SEO/SEM/SOCIAL is that we have strong systems in place or a “formula” which can apply to any company in ANY industry.


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