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Many people have brilliant ideas but never act on them. The story of how Server Side Design, Inc. became one of the best web marketing companies in operation today is what happens when someone has a brilliant idea and combines hard work and determination in order to make it happen. It’s the story of how skill and talent can be used to build a strong foundation of unlimited opportunities.

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Some of the SSD talent at Houston, TX. office

After working in the corporate world as a professional web designer and a multi-media specialist, Roger Janik began his own business. He wanted a company based on solid principles, good work ethics, and superior customer service. So, in January 2005, Server Side Design, Inc. was officially launched as primarily a web and print design company. With the luck of fate the direction began to shift after several clients expressed an interest in search engine optimization (upSEARCH™ for SEO). Thereafter, Server Side Design, Inc. focused on SEO and pay-per-click advertising (upCLICK™ for PPC) and as a result, clients began to reap high rewards.

With dedicated and talented employees, the company grew because of delivered attentiveness to customer service and the ability to connect demanding requirements with quality results. A company philosophy developed and best practices were put into place to make sure client requests were high priority and every effort made to accommodate them. Providing ultra-fast communication in response to business requests let clients know they were in talented hands and that Server Side Design, Inc. truly cared about their success. This along with real results in SEO and PPC rankings led to the triumph and growth of Server Side Design, Inc. since their inception in 2005, client count and revenue have doubled each year.

Now, Server Side Design, Inc. has more than 30 highly skilled and talented employees in various areas and it has nearly 100 clients, both in Houston and nationwide. This spectacular growth continues month to month. In addition to upSEARCH™ (SEO) and upCLICK™ (PPC), Server Side Design, Inc. offers upSOCIAL™ for social media marketing, upLOCAL™ for local maps optimization, and upVIDEO™ for online video marketing. These products culminate into a grand configuration for Server Side Design Inc.’s own proprietary marketing formula called the F.A.I.R Advantage.  To read more about F.A.I.R. Marketing and how the Up products work in conjunction with it, click here.

Server Side Design, Inc.is now opening new branches outside of Houston including Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Clients in these areas receive the same high level of customer service and exceptional products that Server Side Design, Inc. has always provided. They are currently planning to expand these services to other areas in the U.S., as well as other countries.

Not only have clients recognized the company’s ability to provide quality services, prestigious organizations have honored Server Side Design, Inc. with awards that exemplify their growth, cutting edge technology, customer satisfaction, work environment, and donations to charities. These honors include:

  • Ranking in the Houston Business Journal’s FastTech 50 List
  • Ranking in the Houston Business Journal’s Houston Fast 100 List
  • Ranking as #2 Best Places to Work by the Houston Business Journal
  • Presented with Three Better Business Bureau Awards of Excellence (2009, 2010 and 2012)

Server Side Design, Inc. makes it a goal to donate to at least one charity or community outreach every quarter. Mr. Janik has stated many times that he wants Server Side Design, Inc. to be more than just another company, but instead one that gives back to its community. His passion to provide donations to community services has led to the formation of the Hashtag Heroes, through which SSD harnesses the power of social media to give back to the Houston community. For information on this service, click here.

To discover more about the talented individuals at SSD that are focused on your needs, click here.

Overall, the growth of Server Side Design, Inc. is attributed to the ability of the company to deliver true benefits such as higher visibility on the top search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and excellent customer service. Their persistent drive to contribute to the community is another reason for their success. To find out more about what Server Side Design, Inc .can do for you, call 1-800-736-2384 or email info@fairmarketing.com.

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