Let’s face it: thanks to the Internet, your brand could be destroyed overnight. All it takes are a few bad reviews. Or a complaint on a major consumer website. Or a disgruntled customer, who may go as far as starting a website for the sole purpose of trashing your brand.

It’s enough to give smart business owners and marketing managers plenty of sleepless nights.  

But you can sleep easy. upREPUTATION™ is on the job. We monitor online conversations about your brand in real time so we can respond in a heartbeat. We grow your web presence, putting SEO on our side to drown out negativity. We protect your brand and turn it into a positive force that customers trust.




You can’t always force the removal of negative content. But our methods don’t rely on the kindness of strangers. upREPUTATION™ is designed to push these brand killers down in rankings and replace them with positive listings. One of the ways Fair Marketing achieves this is through the creation of brand-centric landing pages.


We write, design, deliver and launch these pages, then we use a comprehensive content marketing strategy to help them rise to the top of Google’s search results. These pages can also be integrated into other marketing efforts. They’re a powerful tool that allows us to methodically bury negative search results so the words of your detractors become irrelevant. After all, if your prospects can’t see the negativity, they can’t be influenced by it.




Don’t guess—know. upREPUTATION™ monitors every mention of your brand. We see every compliment. Every complaint. Every review. Every tweet.


This gives us power. The power to respond quickly. The power to transform infuriated customers into dedicated brand evangelists. The power to perform damage control and to keep negativity from spreading like a poison. And we’re not just watching and responding. We’re keeping you in the loop, too. This means you receive valuable feedback into potential operations issues that could be consistently hurting your brand, giving you the chance to correct them and grow stronger than ever before, which helps you maintain visibility and drive traffic.




Online reviews are essential. They build your positive reputation. They help your business rank in local search results. But they can be deadly, too. Negative reviews can destroy your business.


Generate positive reviews while maintaining total control of your brand’s image. upREPUTATION™ helps you do this with the help of our FAIR Business Reviews software package. We use this powerful software to reach out to your customers, requesting feedback via e-mail. We then have the ability to accept or deny those reviews as they arrive. The best reviews are posted to third party sites like Google Reviews. The rest? You’ll be told about them so you can reach out to solve customer service issues in private.




upREPUTATION™ doesn’t just protect your brand. It promotes your brand, too, by tapping into the power of content marketing and earned media. And all you have to do is talk to us about your organization’s successes, launches, triumphs and contributions.


We have unlimited resources to create a broad range of content. Professional writers and distribution specialists create news releases, blog posts, white papers, and guest posts that are then promoted on social sites, sent to trustworthy news sites and submitted to relevant blogs. Our content marketing strategies are proven and have worked for companies just like yours.




upREPUTATION’s latest product, “Erasebook™” for Facebook advertisers, frees you from having to play whack-a-mole with negative user-generated comments on Facebook ads. Protect your ad dollars! Erasebook is a proprietary script that automatically deletes comments in as little as 10 seconds. They’re your ads—you shouldn’t have to worry about them harming your reputation.




With upREPUTATION™ you will never have to guess whether or not your campaigns are a success. We keep a close eye on key performance indicators such as the growth of organic web traffic, increases in positive customer reviews, the absence of negative reviews, and increases in positive brand mentions. We’ll be able to deliver our results to you by the numbers, providing you with a crystal clear picture of how your brand’s positive reputation is growing and improving over time.


We also use this data to make incremental improvements in the way we build your brand, simply because we understand how these small steps can yield big results. Every move we make is targeted, strategic, and designed to help you develop a brand that customers trust. upREPUTATION™ — the smartest way to protect your brand from threats.


According to Business Insider, as many as 70% of consumers value peer opinion of a company or product more than advertisements of any type.*

Convergys Corp. conducted a survey that revealed that a single negative Facebook comment can result in the loss of dozens of customers.*

*Source: Adweek