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  • Bayou City Lumber

    Fair Marketing has been a fantastic vendor for Bayou City Lumber. When I took over marketing for our company I saw that all the marketing money we were spending on print ads and SEO/PPC was not giving us a good ROI so cancelled everything we were doing. After lots of research and interviews with different providers I was impressed with Fair Marketing. After signing up with them for SEO and PPC I began to see a real return on investment. I have the ability so see real time statistics at any time and so I can work with my rep Hugo to tailor the campaign to suit different needs in the market and new products we provide. They are very responsive to quickly changing needs, they spend a lot of time and effort to keep up with Google’s algorithms, and they are very transparent with the results of their marketing efforts on our behalf. I think hiring Fair Marketing was one of the best things I’ve ever done for our business.


    Aaron Presley
    Director of Special Operations
    Bayou City Lumber
  • Wade Architecture

    Working with Lauren Steele and Fair Marketing has been a great experience the last 3 years. I feel their knowledge, creative ideas, and experiences in marketing make them a cut above the rest. Thanks for the great job you do for us and I look forward to our next campaign adventure.

    Christy Serafini

  • One Million In The Bank

    I have had two other companies before Fair Marketing handling my SEO and PPC. It was big waste of time and money except learning what you are not supposed to do. It is extremely hard finding the right company, they all sound so great. However, Fair Marketing has done a great job, with a skilled and very involved team of people that know what they are doing. Once everything is up and running, you get monthly meetings where everything is reviewed and tweaked to optimize what you are spending for maximum results. As we saw results we keep increasing our budget, because it only made sense. Why? it made us more money. I strongly recommend FairMarketing for your SEO and PPC needs.

    Mike Slavin

  • Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands

    I would like to commend Fair Marketing for their success in advancing our digital marketing strategy. Fair Marketing has gone beyond expectations in every area including project management, KPIs, and ongoing services. They certainly have provided superior performance and we reap the benefits daily. Fair Marketing's platform has been seamless as we have recently changed website platforms for the group and didn’t miss a beat.

    The communication between Fair Marketing and our dealerships has been incredible and I would love to be a personal referral for Fair Marketing and Aaron Poindexter for any digital marketing needs.

  • Torq/Lite

    I very much enjoy working with Fair Marketing. Our rep, Katherine, is very responsive and attentive to our needs. Based on the nature of the service they provide, it can be difficult to always have a firm grasp on the different benefits, but Katherine takes time to meet face-to-face and walk us through it. That is something that is appreciated, and I believe our company has benefited from.

  • Stewart Technology Associates

    Fair Marketing have helped enormously with the promotion of our web site. We are a small engineering consultancy with offices in Houston. Our work is generally associated with the design and analysis of offshore structures that are dynamically sensitive. Working with the professionals at Server Side we planned a marketing campaign that Server Side has been implementing most successfully.

    In our business we provide high technology professional engineering services and engineering software to clients worldwide and yet we are a very small company. When we approached Server Side we were aware that our web site was not easily found by many potential clients. This has now changed and clients find us and our prime services typically on the first page of a Google search, and often ranked top on Google.

    The marketing effort was given careful planning in order to ensure that the services and software that were of most importance to us were given the most emphasis. In fact, the teaming with Server Side resulted in a re-think of our overall business. We were able to place emphasis on the marketing of our most profitable and interesting "products" and de-emphasize the services that we are least interested in providing.

    We are assured of a constant flow of articles placed on our site, weekly blogs and professional monthly reports produced by the Server Side team. I do not have to worry that we are losing prominence in marketing our technical areas of excellence and can keep my focus on providing excellence in our services to our clients.

    Please e-mail me directly for further information, Bil Stewart, C.Eng.

    Bil Stewart, CEO Stewart Technology Associates (Stewart-USA.com)