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SEO Testimonial from Stewart Technology Associates

Fair Marketing have helped enormously with the promotion of our web site. We are a small engineering consultancy with offices in Houston. Our work is generally associated with the design and analysis of offshore structures that are dynamically sensitive. Working with the professionals at Server Side we planned a marketing campaign that Server Side has been implementing most successfully.

In our business we provide high technology professional engineering services and engineering software to clients worldwide and yet we are a very small company. When we approached Server Side we were aware that our web site was not easily found by many potential clients. This has now changed and clients find us and our prime services typically on the first page of a Google search, and often ranked top on Google.

The marketing effort was given careful planning in order to ensure that the services and software that were of most importance to us were given the most emphasis. In fact, the teaming with Server Side resulted in a re-think of our overall business. We were able to place emphasis on the marketing of our most profitable and interesting “products” and de-emphasize the services that we are least interested in providing.

We are assured of a constant flow of articles placed on our site, weekly blogs and professional monthly reports produced by the Server Side team. I do not have to worry that we are losing prominence in marketing our technical areas of excellence and can keep my focus on providing excellence in our services to our clients.

Please e-mail me directly for further information, Bil Stewart, C.Eng.

Bil Stewart, CEO Stewart Technology Associates (