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Safelink Wireless is a Web-based, government supported program that provides free cell phone service as well as air time every month to those that are eligible based on their income. Through the Lifeline Assistance program, they can provide discounted or free telephone services to eligible customers. Customers can receive free cellular service, a free cell phone and free minutes every month. There are no contracts, fees or monthly charges for this service.

    SafeLink Wireless


Within one year, cost per conversion rate has decreased about 37% Safelink has increase their overall monthly budget by 825%

Part 1Pay Per Click Campaign Overview

Safelink had been successful in getting Web surfers to visit their site and take advantage of their free cell phone service through traditional advertising. However, they were seeking a way to increase their number of subscribers while lowering their cost per acquisition by moving away from traditional advertising and into Internet advertising. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) was their answer. Through PPC, a visitor will clicks on a paid ad, land on the Safelink website, and subscribe for free cell phone service. This action of subscribing is called a conversion.
To help with this, Safelink hired fairmarketing. The team at fairmarketing was able to setup a Pay Per Click Campaign that would increase subscribers (conversions) while lowering their cost per acquisition. Thanks to the experts at fairmarketing micromanaging Safelink’s PPC ads daily and adjusting settings when necessary, Safelink was able to increase their advertising budget while watching their profits go up. fairmarketing kept Safelink informed of their progress through daily reports.


When Safelink first hired fairmarketing, their cost per conversion was at $7.67. Within one year, that figure went down to $4.79, a decrease of more than 37 percent! fairmarketing was able to drive the costs of conversion so low that Safelink was able to increase their overall monthly budget by 825 percent while seeing their client acquisitions and profits increase. fairmarketing’s PPC Management continues to bring incredible value to Safelink.
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