Pastorini-Bosby Talent is a full-service talent agency located in Houston, Texas. For more than 20 years, they have provided actors, actresses, narrators, spokespeople, voice talent convention and trade show hosts, moderators and models for their clients. Although they had reached great heights on their own and were well-established within their industry, they wanted to reach ever greater audiences via the Internet. They sought out a company that not only could fulfill their every desire, but also provided ethical and transparent business practices as well. They found the answers they needed through the unique digital marketing system provided by Fair Marketing.

  • CLIENT PB Talent
  • INDUSTRY Entertainment Staffing


Five page one and four page two rankings on Google in first few months Web visits increased by 28.53%, About 67% of increased traffic was from organic search Organic keyword rankings increased to 49.30% Landing page conversion increased to 28.54% at campaign start

Part 1Using the F.A.I.R. Marketing System for Success

By implementing the F.A.I.R. Marketing System, a tried and tested methodology invented by Fair Marketing, PB Talent was able to experience more online success than ever before. Fair Marketing started out by executing a 10-keyword upRANK™ campaign that was designed to attract the attention of search engines using keywords related to PB Talent’s industry. The first step in finding these keywords was to utilize fairmarketing’s keyword phrase discovery methods. The Keyword Discovery and Analysis finds highly targeted phrases that were appropriate for PB Talent’s services. After having
PB Talent appro the keywords, Fair Marketing began a general audit of their website and implemented code optimization and website code analysis. After fine-tuning their website, Fair Marketing began offsite marketing, which involved posting relevant content that was continually updated and centered on the chosen keywords. Soon after, Fair Marketing posted fresh news to their site, keeping in line with search rules for the need for applicable content on a website. This is necessary to signal search engines that this site is an established authority within their respective industry and not spam.

Part 2Analyzing the Metrics, Showing the Value

Although Fair Marketing was able to optimize PB Talent’s website to make it more attractive to search engines, none of this would matter much unless they were able to analyze the metrics of the campaign and demonstrate to the client its value. As part of their F.A.I.R. Marketing System formula, Fair Marketing always validates their work to their clients. This was no different with PB Talent. Fair Marketing
gave PB talent access to the metrics of their own campaign through their web-based application, FAIRMetrix™. PB Talent could log on, on their own time, and track all of their website metrics including natural rankings, visitor traffic, backlinks, and more. PB Talent had good insight on whether Fair Marketing was delivering on their promises, and with nothing to hide, the results were outstanding!


When they first started with Fair Marketing, PB Talent was not ranking well on the three major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, within a matter of months, they experienced five Page One rankings and four Page Two rankings on Google!Their web traffic grew as a result of fairmarketing’s formula. PB Talent experienced a dramatic 28.53% increase in web visits from November 2011 to August 2012. About 67% of this traffic was from organic searches! In addition, their organic keyword rankings went up to 49.30% during this same period of time. PB Talent's keyword landing page traffic also increased. Since the beginning of their campaign, PB Talent's keyword conversion KWC) landing pages rose 28.54%.


When it is all said and done, the bottom line of any campaign is R.O.I. PB Talent was in the market for a web marketing company that could get them to the top of the major search engines using a solid approach, good business ethics and good old-fashioned hard work. They found it with Fair Marketing. Today, PB Talent is bringing in more web
traffic than they ever thought possible, and are considered an established authority within their industry in the eyes of the search engines. The F.A.I.R. formula once again proved its effectiveness and took a site from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. As the old saying goes, success is hard to argue with, especially when the data backs it up.