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Houston Overhead Garage Doors is a full service garage door company in Houston. They specialize in installing and servicing garage doors of all makes and models for both commercial and residential locations.

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Five page one and four page two rankings on Google in first few months 13.63% increase in Page One rankings Web visits has increased by 200%, 53.87% of these visits representing new people 12,000 visitors have come to the site since Fair Marketing began their SEO campaign in 12 months

Part 1Challenge and SEO Strategy

In February 2010, Houston Overhead Garage Doors (HOD) came to fairmarketing (fairmarketing) seeking ways to boost their web traffic by increasing their presence on the web as well as reducing the cost per conversions on their pay per click ads. Since there are many similar businesses in the Houston area, HOD faced the difficulty in standing out in a huge metropolitan area. In order to set them apart from the rest, fairmarketing devised a strategy that would gain them a larger presence on the web and establish them as a knowledgeable and skilled leader in the garage door industry.
fairmarketing instituted a 30-keyword SEO campaign using phrases that were designed to draw interest from potential customers and, at the same time, highlighted their business offerings. Using proven SEO techniques, fairmarketing optimized the HOD website by adding static content through the 30-keyword campaign and updating the site constantly with fresh content using weekly news articles, which were placed on the site’s home page. This content gave HOD credibility as a leader within their industry and was able to net them No. 1 page rankings organically on many of the top search engines with several of the keyword phrases. In addition, continuous blogs and onsite articles attributed to the rise of HOD on search engine pages.

Part 2Pay Per Click Campaign Overview & Results

fairmarketing also implemented a pay-per-click campaign that drove web traffic to the HOD website while at the same time lowering the cost-per-lead from $58 to $42.90. Placing ads on search engines like Google and Yahoo! using select keyword phrases related to the garage door business, fairmarketing was able to deliver positive ROI to HOD.
fairmarketing executed a call tracking system for HOD, which tracks the number of business calls that they were receiving. HOD previously had no way of knowing how many calls were coming from their online marketing efforts.
HOD received 58 calls as of April 2010 and by February 2011, HOD had received 75 (including six online conversions) for a total of 81 conversions
  • The cost per lead in April 2010 was $58. The cost per lead in February 2011 was $42.90, 26% reduction in costs per leads
  • HOD experienced a 39.6% increase in lead volume as a result of fairmarketing’s PPC campaign over the same period of time.

SEO Results

HOD’s web presence increased significantly with Page One rankings:
  • 13.63% increase in Page One rankings since February 2010.
  • 200% increase in web site traffic from that time thanks to the implementation of fairmarketing’s SEO and PPC campaign.
HOD’s natural web traffic has increased by almost 150% and more web surfers in search of garbage door-related subjects in the Houston and surrounding areas were driven to HOD’s website due to the efforts resulting from fairmarketing’s 30-keyword campaign.

Writing fresh and static content for each keyword phrase, fairmarketing was able to net high rankings on search engines for HOD. The more web surfers saw how high HOD was ranking on the search engines, the greater the chance for these visitors to click on the links. The results showed that certain keyword phrases that were optimized by fairmarketing were driving visitors to HOD. Specifically for “Houston overhead door”:
  • 271 visits to the HOD site since December 2010 for the phrase ‘houston overhead door”
  • 53.87% of these visits representing new people.
  • 12,000 visitors have come to the HOD site since fairmarketing began their SEO campaign in the past 12 months
Some examples of HOD keywords ranking on Page One on Google as a result of SEO campaign:
  • Houston Overhead Door
  • Garage Door Houston
  • Overhead Door Houston
  • Overhead Doors Houston
  • Garage Door Houston
The total web traffic to HOD has increased by 200% since the implementation of fairmarketing’s SEO and PPC campaigns.
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