Collin Street Bakery

Family-owned-and-operated baker, located just 50 miles south of Dallas, Texas, has been baking the world-famous Deluxe Fruitcake for over 115 years.

This company prides itself on being a long-time staple in the center of Texas. Menu items include soups, sandwiches and salads, but fruitcake and pecan cakes lie at the heart of the operation.

    Collin Street Bakery
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Five page one and four page two rankings on Google in first few months Web visits increased by 28.53%, About 67% of increased traffic was from organic search Organic keyword rankings increased to 49.30% Landing page conversion increased to 28.54% at campaign start

Part 1Overview of Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery runs two separate operations(Their Historic Bake Shop at Downtown Corsicana & their new Restaurant / Bake Shop Locations across major Texas highways).
Problem At Hand: Collin Street Bakery came to us because they needed to be able separate their target audience between the Bake Shop & the Restaurants.

Part 2Goal and Strategy

The Goal: To find a way to slice Collin Street Bakery's target audience to be able to add a level personalization when selling their top products via their website and or restaurant locations.
Strategy To create and promote a new Facebook Business profile for the Bake Shops only, allowing us to not only focus on driving new customers through their doors but keeping Texas products and culture at heart of our posts |


Through daily unique content, promotional contest and engagement with fans, we were able to increase Collin Street Bakery likes a total of 1,029% in a 5 month period.

FINALLYCampaign Engagement and Conclusion

Campaign Engagement

Throughout this campaign, we were able to consistently embrace, grow and engage with Collin Street Bakery's existing and potential customers. the majority of our posts achieved a high level of engagement because our strategy was constantly adjusted in order to deliver the best content, on the right day, at the right time, with the right message.

    In all major areas we were able to show massive improvements:

  • In just 5 months, we were able to generate 2,258 likes on a newly created Facebook page.
  • We achieved a high level of engagement with their fans by setting specific goals, sharing creative content, delivering brand consistency and interacting with customers.
  • We were able to segment their target audience and delivered personalized content when selling their top products in order to drive website traffic and walk-ins to their restaurant locations.
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