Grow Your Business With Social Media


Grow Your Brand Online

Having a presence online has become crucial for businesses and retailers around the world. Not only is it a way to share your products or services, but also connect one-on-one with loyal and potential customers. Since the rise of social media, building your brand now allows you to reach customers like never before through networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and more – not just Facebook. It’s important to find and connect with fans on different social platforms. This is because people relate and react to media based on their learning, style, preferences, and personality as described below.

  • Facebook – People usually connect and share photos with people they’ve met, friends and family.
  • Twitter – The current “water cooler” where news or hot topics/trends are shared here first. People often have brief chats with people they don’t know and make new connections.
  • YouTube – People capture and share exactly how to use a product, bring a concept to life, entertain, and network with others.
  • Google+ – In Google’s very own social network, tech savvy users can connect by interest in circles, communities, and live hangouts.
  • Pinterest – Most users are women and share photos that usually fall in the following topics: fashion, hair, make-up, fitness, home, food, and crafts.
  • Instagram – Owned by Facebook, driven by photos (and now videos), and great to show off your favorite photos and products.

Increasing Likes on Facebook

Not only do you want to connect with current fans, but also grow your business by finding new fans and turning them into buying customers. But remember, growing your fan base online is a lot like growing your business. You want to find valuable and loyal customers while maintaining your reputation, integrity, quality, and customer service.

They key is to start by setting small reasonable goals, share creative content, be consistent, and interact with customers. Look at your industry, competitors and target audience and decide what plan is achievable for your company, but what also what makes your brand unique. As your presence builds online, so will your business.

Initially this may take time and be slow to start, but can quickly pick up speed and increase in followers, engagement, and purchases. By following a plan tailored specifically for your business, you will be able to build a solid fan base, increase sales, and grow your business significantly.

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